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🚀 Originahl-Scripts website Changelog 2020

🚀 v1.7 - Wednesday 8th of July 2020 04:39:30 PM

New script
New Script : Gmod Tickets Supports System : Report Tickets System 1.0
Wiki FR & US : Gmod Tickets Supports System : Wiki of Report Tickets System
Video of Ticket System : Report Ticket System

Website content
Admin Script management
Improvement of the workspace for the coders
Admin tickets Management
System of Wallet for the coders : More info in the workspace
Lightbox of scripts updated
🚀 v1.6 - Saturday 21st of March 2020 04:42:42 PM

Apply the tags in all scripts uploaded : Documentation about it

New script
Write the Wiki of: DarkRP F4 Menu customizable : DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

Social plateform
New Steam group : Original Steam Group
Twitter : Originahl Script

Website content
Search System (Scripts, Forum threads, Documentations) : SEARCH SYSTEM
Drawing Error page 404 : Artwork : Owl 404
Add wallet for the workspace : Documentation
🚀 v1.5 - Friday 6th of March 2020 01:40:37 AM

Website content
Add in the workspace the Sales statistics
Separation of the English and French forum
Title tag on the site when you hover over the links
Updating the reaction system on the forum : Forum Threads about reactions
🚀 v1.4 - Thursday 30th of January 2020 10:36:39 AM

New script
New F4 Menu customisable in real time : Script link

Website Content
Social buttons : Forum thread
Improvement of the forum : Forum Threads
Improvement of private messages : Forum Threads
Updating the support ticket environment

Workspace improvement
The Tags in the scripts : Docs