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To do list

The Originahl Scripts Todolist page displays the progress of the site and the implementation of new content and the creation of new scripts. The author updates categories and progress lines from 0% to 100%.

👇 See the progress of the creation of the addons and the site below or click here 👇

When the bar reaches 100%, it means that the content is already active on the site.

The Originahl scripts todolist allows users to be informed and avoids the author having to answer the same requests for information about the site's progress. This is a dynamic page, so check back regularly to see progress, you can also see notifications of changes and additions on our Discord server.

The main categories are as follows:

Website: Update that concerns the official website originahl-scripts.com
New scripts: Creation of new scripts.
Website Improvement: Improvement of existing content.
Scripts Update: Update of existing scripts.
Patch: List of bug fixes and reported problems.
Delete: Delete content.
Optimisation: Informs about what has been optimised.
Other category: Some categories are not listed as they may be unique.

Only Norda works on both his scripts and the website at the same time. When the content is sometimes long, it doesn't mean that David isn't working on it, the site was created from scratch and the scripts too.

Taking care of the community, anti-cheating, journals and security also takes time.
🚧 Progression

Progress of Contents, last modification : 1631929571 ago

Objectives 2021 create 16 scripts

Script # 1 / 16 : NPCs Spawn Point Manager : NPCs Spawn Point Manager


Script # 2 / 16 : Gmod Scoreboard Editable : Gmod Scoreboard Editable


Script # 3 / 16 : Deathscreen Customisable : Deathscreen Customisable


Script # 4 / 16 : Gmod Escape Menu : Gmod Escape Menu


Script # 5 / 16 : Npc Death Looter Manager : Npc Death Looter Manager


Script # 6 / 16 : Nor Admin System for GMod and all gamemodes : Nor Admin Mod Product Sheet


Script # 7 / 16 : Advanced Customisable Chat System : Released here


Script # 8 / 16 : Npcs Store Creator


Website improvement

Optimisation of products pages


Optimisation of home pages


Alternative page to the English description in other languages.


Select your language preference in your options.


Design improvements


Website Patch

Solved a minor performance issue, Sometimes a small load could occur. Patched!