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Description of the Activation System - DRM

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I created my own DRM for Originahl-Scripts.
DRM meaning = Digital rights management (DRM) or technological protection measures (TPM) are designed to control the use of digital works.

Script Protection

DRM protects the creators' products but also the customers from leaks without their knowledge. Through the activation system you will be able to see the servers that use your scripts and easily alert the creator.

  1. Description of the new script protection system
  2. The start-up information table
  3. The different reasons for blocking
  4. The list of commands
  5. Not all scripts need to be activated, how do I know?
  6. Video

1. Description of the new script protection system

The DRM not only protects my work. That's one of the positive points I forget to emphasize. When you get your server stolen because of a breakup of your team. You can disable the DRM of my scripts installed on the site, on your old server. This allows those who steal your work to not continue with what you bought.

A "security system" has been set up to prevent leakage.
The system avoids duplication of the script and allows the leak managers to be located and blocked from accessing the content and automatically revoking access to the scripts.
With this new system, in case of a server change, you will be able to disable the addon on your old server and reuse the license on your new server.

Performance side = Your server will only process the information it needs once, only after a restart. There is no impact on the performance of your server during use. And the size of the request is 8kb, it is insignificant.

Security side = I personally take care of 100% of my scripts and I commit myself that there is no Backdoor in the scripts. I find my interest in the trust you have placed in me from the beginning and I intend to continue in this direction.

Activation side = It is extremely simple and your mistake is no longer possible. Activation will be done from this site in your shopping list. An "Activation" button will appear next to the activatable scripts. A list of servers will appear, this is all the servers where your script is installed with ips, just click on Activation to activate it, click on the same place to deactivate, it's as simple as that. And reboot your server. For scripts that don't have this button, it simply means that you don't need to activate it to use it, install it and it will work.

2. The start-up information table

When you have installed one of my scripts after a reboot. A table will appear in the console on the server side (and not the one on the client side).
It's an information system to say everything's okay.

Gmod Console Server

If you have too many addons and you don't see the table. You can display it again with the order: nordahl_checkup_scriptprotection

3. The different reasons for blocking

Banned for Chargeback = When you open disputes at Paypal by asking for unwarranted refunds, while the script works for most people, you will be banned from the Chargeback structure and your Script will be disabled for the same reason. This can also result in the closure of your PayPal account, so I invite you to stay serious until the end.

Banned for Leak = When a large number of installations are detected. Remember that the script is for you alone, and your own use, any copy is not tolerated.

Banned for BadEntry = This was in version 1.0 when you try to insert activation licenses too many times that do not exist. Today since version 2.0. You can no longer be banned for BadEntry, because the activation is done from the on-site panel and a clickable button and in this case the error is no longer possible.

4. The list of commandes

Display the table again in the console on the server side:nordahl_checkup_scriptprotection

5. Not all scripts need to be activated, how do I know?

To find out if a script is protected by an activation system and needs to be activated before it can be used go to the description of the script concerned. In the product info you can see if the script is DRM protected or not.

Yes = Works with DRM so you need to activate it (easily done in one click on the site)
Free DRM = Works without DRM, no need to activate it to use it.

How to know if there is a drm in a Gmod script

6. Video

-Not yet done-