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Welcome to originahl-scripts.com, this site presents the scripts and Addons created by members who have the status of minimum coder, for your Garry's Mod servers and also for your web configurations, you will find all the information about each product you need, a shop, a forum and support. By buying scripts you contribute to their improvements, to future scripts and support original authors.
Each script is accompanied by a video, a wiki, screenshots, its documentation and the notices left by buyers.

Feel free to visit the section Documentation that I maintain regularly to provide a maximum of answers to your questions.

Here you will also find a support system adapted to each product and a ticket system.

You will find here Scripts coded from scratch (i.e. from A to Z) and this thanks to your ideas that you can share on the Anglophone community forum or French Community Forum, the Group Steam, on the page Facebook and on our Discord.
I always share important information on its platforms. Feel free to follow them for support and to stay informed.

The sources of the information published on the site are verified and deemed reliable.

Where do I get my experience from? And what did I do? I am one of the few single coders who created a real gamemode entirely, I maintained the structure of the servers, composed the music and participated in 100% of the design and his website, all this alone from A to Z with my own resources, which makes a lot of experience in many fields. And this without any financial support. Known as Zworld-Afterlife which you may have known in its early days as Zmod.

I used to sell my scripts on the Gmodstore site, until I left as Nordahl, you probably knew me as Nordahl Scripts. Gmodstore still updates my nickname and avatar on their site, without asking my opinion, but I'm not there anymore since 2017 for total independence, and peace of mind.



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Scripts for your Gmod servers

After purchase, scripts are automatic and instantly delivered to your inventory.

From your first purchase, you get the status of buyer, the status are visible below your nickname on your profile, in your messages and the list of members.

📌 With the guarantee of having a technical support with a system of ticket support simple and intuitive only for customers.

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Get a Zworld server

Get your powerful Zworld Afterlife server for the price of a simple sandbox server, Zworld is a gamemode scripted on garry's mod. You have nothing to code or the need to know how to code.

Complete range of modes designed for optimization. Don't lose your players during endless loading.
Some Screenshots here : Screenshots
More information on how to administer and animate a Zworld Afterlife server, go to Wiki > Server management or Join the cool Discord.

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