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Originahl Scripts

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Bienvenu ,
This is my first website, entirely created by me. Here I present my scripts & Addons for your Garry's Mod servers, you will find all the information about each product you need and a shop. By buying my scripts you contribute to their improvements improvements.
Each script is accompanied by a video, a wiki, its documentation and the notices left by buyers.
Feel free to visit the section Documentation that I maintain regularly to provide a maximum of answers to your questions.

Here you will also find a support system adapted to each product and a ticket system.

You will find here Scripts made 100% by me and this thanks to your ideas that you share with me on my Group Steam, on my page Facebook and on my Discord.
I always share information on its platforms. Feel free to follow me for support and to stay informed.

The sources of the information published on the site are verified and deemed reliable.

Where do I get my experience from? And what did I do? I am one of the few coders who has created entirely a gamemode, the structure of the servers, composed the music and its design and website, alone from A to Z with my own resources. Without any financial support. Known as Zworld-Afterlife which you may have known in its early days as Zmod.