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Scripts for your Gmod servers

After purchase, scripts are automatically and instantly delivered to your inventory.

As soon as you make your first purchase, you get the status of buyer, the statuses are visible below your nickname on your profile, in your messages and in the homepage. List of members.

📌 With the guarantee of technical support with a simple and intuitive tickets support system only for customers.

Gmod Script Store

Jobs and command Gmod addons store

Custom made order

Soon a job system will allow you to place orders for personalized and customized requests, all from the site directly.

We design everything

500 EUR

We design, you observe

800 EUR

We design, you advise

1000 EUR

We design, you help

1500 EUR

You design, we help

2000 EUR

You design, we advise

3500 EUR

You design, we watch

5000 EUR

You design everything

8000 EUR

Gmod Donation coffee system

Offer a coffee (Donation)

Satisfied? Offer a small coffee in return, it motivates a lot, you can leave a message of support at the same time, the author will be notified in real time and your message will be permanently recorded.
Suggested coffees can be combined and the Top donors are automatically updated.

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Who has ever offered coffee?


Hello! I am Norda (Norda) known as Nordahl Scripts on Gmodstore and Zworld, a reactive developer, listening to you and always looking for better and more optimized products.

With me you can count on quality content, regular updates and a fast and efficient after sales service.

Welcome to originahl-scripts.com, this site presents the scripts (known as Addon or Mod) created by members who have at least coder status, for your Garry's Mod server and also for your web configurations, you will find all the information about each product you need, a store and support. By purchasing scripts, you contribute to their improvement, future scripts and support the original authors..
Each scripts is accompanied by a demonstration video, a wiki, some screenshots, its documentation and the reviews left by my customers.

Feel free to visit the Documentation section that I regularly update to provide as many answers to your questions as possible.

You will also find a support system adapted to each product and a system of support tickets.

You can find here scripts coded from A to Z thanks to the suggestions and ideas you can share on our Discord or as a ticket, the Steam Group, on my page Facebook and on Discord.
I always share important information on my platforms. Feel free to follow them to support me and stay informed.

The sources of the information published on the site are verified and considered reliable.

Where does my experience come from ? I am one of the rare and only coder to have created a real gamemode entirely, I maintained the server structure, composed the music and participated to 100% of the design and its website, all this alone from A to Z with my own resources, which is a lot of experience in many fields. And this without any financial support. Known as Zworld Afterlife which you may have known in its early days as Zmod.

I used to sell my scripts on the Gmodstore, until I went independent as a Nordahl, you probably knew me as Nordahl Scripts.

Content you will find on the website

Two Homes, one French Home and one English Home.
Two forums. One forum for Francophone and one forum for the Anglophones community.
A Gmod Scripts Marketplace where you can find Mods, Scripts & Addons for your servers GMod.
A Official complete documentation written in two languages on the use of the site written by the author himself. For the documentation of the addons, go to the product sheet of the addon.
A profile area with each user's stats and a list of their scripts created.
A support ticket space.
A to-do-list allowing the author to inform the progress of the objectives on the development of the project.
There's no room for laziness, I've worked hard. You will find History of all updates sorted by year.
A cool donation system, when our loyal members is satisfied and feels like buying the author a cup of coffee. Here you will find the list of his users.

And some good tips and tools to maintain security and keep your Garry's mod servers performing well.

Are you looking for a healthy workspace for Garry's mod, relaxed and unbiased? You have found. Read the documentation to answer your questions or ask directly on the forum.



🎨 Auteur/Développeur