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Description of Gmod Items Dealer - Sell and Buy
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"Gmod Items Dealer or Gun Shop depending on the role you give it allows your users to interact, buy and resell their items from the dealers you have placed on your Gmod server, you can create different types of shops with specific dialogs for the character you have created. It takes into account the DarkRP monetary system but also my monetary system and works with all standard spawnable entities that you can insert in its shop easily."

  1. 📘 Description of the Gmod Items Dealers Configurator addon
  2. 📦 Stock Management System
  3. ♻️ Circular Economy System for Gmod Server
  4. 🔫 Gmod Gun Shop include
  5. 👑 Customisation via admin and management interface
  6. 💬 Text-based interaction with editable NPCs
  7. 🚧 Blocking access to shops by job, category, ranks and level
  8. ❓ Regular questions
  9. 💰 Compatible currency system
  10. ✔️ Additional functionality with other compatible scripts
  11. ❓ What kind of need can Gmod Items Dealer Configurator have

📘 1. Gmod Items Dealers Configurator Addon Description

Gmod Items Dealers allows you to place dealers on your Gmod server who can buy and resell anything you have predefined in their shop from the entity management interface.

This means that with this one script, you can create a mineral dealer for mining systems, a weapon dealer, an ammunition dealer, a healing item dealer, etc. The limit is your imagination.

He takes into account the notion of limited stock thanks to his merchant inventory and economy thanks to his own wallet.

His wallet will allow him to buy back your materials, weapons or ammunition. The items that the merchant buys back from you will constitute his own stock which will allow him to resell them. You will determine the percentage of the resale price of the materials in relation to the purchase price.
The NPC can only sell what he has in his inventory. This means that he will also have the possibility of being out of stock.

You will also have the option of ignoring the wallet limit and the stock concept to allow the NPC to sell unlimited. It's up to you as it's easily configurable, this is to be adapted to your needs.

📦 Stock Management System

You will be able to define stocks per item in your shops on your Gmod servers.
This means that the merchant will only be able to sell what he has in his shop in a defined quantity which can be reloaded by reboot.

Let's take a random item that we will name ruby. If the NPC has 10 rubies available in his shop, he can sell them if a player buys 10. If a player buys 10 rubies, the NPC will be out of stock and another player will see "Out of Stock" in red on the item's box and will not be able to buy any. Unless another player sells their rubies to the same NPC, the rubies will be added to the merchant's stock. You can deactivate the item quantity management so that the merchant can sell his rubies without limit. It's up to you to choose according to your needs. Since it's editable

♻️ Circular economy system for Gmod server

In the same way as the inventory management system, each merchant can have his own portfolio, if you have activated it, he will be able to buy your items with his own funds. Provided he offers the same thing for sale. To understand this, you have to think that a weapon merchant will not buy another item that does not belong in his inventory. He will invite you to go and see someone else.

The type of the merchant's portfolio will be defined by the administrator. When a player buys an item, the player's money will be earned by the NPC and will go into his wallet. This option can be disabled if it is too complex and realistic for your server. In simple terms, if you sell items, the merchant NPC earns money and can in turn, with that money, buy back your items. This brings a circular economy to your Gmod server.

🔫 Gmod Gun Shop include

This script also allows you to create a Gun Shop if you want to. The user will be able to resell his weapons but also to buy some. This all-in-one script will also allow to reduce the number of scripts installed on your Gmod server.

You will also be able to define the stock of weapons of the Gun Shop or to deactivate the limitation of the stock of gun or swep.

The Gun Shop is done from an interface, it allows to unload the number of entities on the server for those who wish to reduce the quantity of entities generated by several shops if you intend to put many of any kind.

👑 Shop administration and management interface

The management interface is a simple way to configure your merchants in real time from its interface. Stand in front of the NPC, press USE and change the mode (Admin / User) at the top right.
You will then be able to change the merchant's RP name, their dialogue to allow you to add some consistency to your server's lore but also to provide little hints.
Add and remove items from his shop and choose the type of stock and price of each product he sells and his redemption rate. For example, if he sells a carrot for $100 with a 50% trade-in rate he will buy back your carrots for $50.

Not everything is said read the wiki for more details.

💬 Text interaction with editable NPCs

You will be able to set each sentence of your merchants that will respect your Gmod server's Lore. When a player presses USE to interact with the NPC, they will see this text. The two response choices they can choose from are also customizable.

🚧 Blocking access to shops by job, category, ranks and level

As you ask me for this restriction system every time I release a new script, this time I'm adding it before having the suggestion. You will be able to configure from the merchant administration interface the access blocking conditions, anyone will not be able to buy or sell what you have defined.
The access conditions that you can activate are :
Blocking by level.
Blocking by rank.
Access blocking by trade and/or trade category (if you have DarkRP installed)

❓ Regular questions

What is the difference between Gmod Store Builder and Items Dealers?
Gmod Store Builder is a simple shop system you can only buy items / Entity / Weapon and ammunition, Gmod Store Builder meets standard needs at the time I had not yet made a currency system or inventory.
With Items Dealers there is a system of stock that is to say that a merchant can post an out of stock if he has too much sale. But also a system of economy. It is what he sells that will give the merchant the means to buy your materials, ores, weapons, etc... You understand that at this level only your imagination is the limit of this kind of script.

[b]Do you plan to work on a compatibility with Itemstore of Gmodstore?
Yes the idea is there with all my scripts, the creator of Itemstore provided me access on Gmodstore to his addon to allow me to work on it later, I haven't downloaded it yet but I'm counting on it when I start. I'll work on it when I've finished all the gameplay mechanics related to items to do it all in one go.

💰 Compatible currency system

Originally the system is compatible with DarkRP currency and my currency system if you don't feel like having DarkRP in gamemode or want an alternative.

✔️ Additional functionality with other compatible scripts

Compatibility between my scripts assured.

1. Gmod Leveling System: If you want to activate the level restriction and you don't have a leveling system on your server.
2 .Gmod Money System: You always have the option of using the DarkRP currency but I always offer an alternative which is from home.
3. Gmod Advanced Inventory System: You are not forced to use an inventory system as you can always buy and sell your weapons and ammunition.
4. Gmod Pocket System without DarkRP: There is the DarkRP pocket system for those who are aware of the performance shortcomings it causes I offer an alternative that will continue to work the day you decide to remove DarkRP from your server.
5. Gmod Items Packs + Spawnmenu included: This is my object system that provides a good base of spawnable entities and also a tool that will save you time in shop setup. Don't spawn objects on the ground with this script. But select them from an interface.

❓ What kind of need can Gmod Items Dealer

1 - Looking for a script that allows players to earn money in game through farming, mining in short anything that produces resource.
2 - Create jobs easily.
3 - Looking for a script to give items a purpose by giving them value they become something players will want to obtain to sell.
4 - A single gmod addon to make as many different merchants with different specificities and own dialogues.


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_items_dealers.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_items_dealers

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2948138012
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2948138012 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Items Dealer - Sell and Buy [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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