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πŸ“’ Originahl-Scripts - English ForumTopicsRepliesLast posts
πŸ“’ Announcements
All official news, announcements and official information
1912 pic New steam group for Originals Script
David (NordaHL)
πŸ“‘ CommunityTopicsRepliesLast posts
πŸ’¬ General Discussions
A little bit of everything and nothing
22 pic Text formatting language
David (NordaHL)
🧨 Suggested scripts
A script you can't find? Suggest your idea here
45 pic Suggestion for Nord F4 Menu customizable 1.0
David (NordaHL)
🎨 Artists' corners
Would you like to share your creations? Drawing, painting, photography, modelling, music, ect
32 pic Ballpoint pen drawing
David (NordaHL)
🧰 Gmod Help and Support
A problem with Gmod, it's here
10 pic Tips for using the section Help and Support Gmod
Emma Lovegood
πŸ›ŽοΈ Requests for Services
Detail your needs here, mapping, coding, modeling, design
27 pic Ballpoint pen drawing
David (NordaHL)
πŸš€ Freelancer Offer your Services
Space for freelancers wishing to offer their services
11 pic Tips for posting as a freelancer!
Emma Lovegood
πŸ–₯️ Present your Garry's mod / Gmod server
Presenting your Garry's mod / Gmod server
10 pic How to promote your server?
Emma Lovegood
πŸ”‹ Website and Forums Suggestions
Any ideas to improve the site and the forum? It is here
25 pic Big List of Suggestions
Emma Lovegood
πŸ‘” Working space - TutorialsTopicsRepliesLast posts
πŸ”΅ Discussion and Help for Gmod-Glua-Lua
Tutorial & Discussion and questions about Glua and Lua
220 pic Change the negative number into a positive number
David (NordaHL)
🧩 Self-help and web programming assistance
Tutorial & Discussion on the creation of web resources
11 pic Where do i start?
David (NordaHL)
πŸ—ΊοΈ Discussion about Mapping on Source Engine
Tutorial and Discussion on Source Engine Mapping
10 pic How to write a tutorial on mapping for Garry's Mod?
Emma Lovegood
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