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DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

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Description of DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

"DarkRP F4 menu is a system to choose a job while staying informed about the important points of the job (Salary, Information, List of commands), editable in real time, without the need to restart your server. This allows you to easily modify the interface and increase the visibility of your important links and also the statistics on your servers."

🚀 Presentation

This F4 Menu is customizable in real time, it is designed for the different DarkRP (StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, MangaRP, HaloRP, SchoolRP, MilitaryRP, StalkerRP , ect), like any F4 menu in DarkRP databases it allows users to change jobs, to have a view on the statistics, to view the job description to immerse themselves in the role and its history. They can access the shop that can be disabled in the configuration file, a customizable, fast commands shortcut system that can be used as a shortcut or reminder of what is possible to do on your server, all is filterable with an integrated search system, it includes a statistics system, configure the colors, title, banner image, color code that matches your project to the atmosphere of your DarkRP.

Since version 2.0 you don't need to publish your images on the workshop anymore, a simple link of an image published on imgur for example is enough, insert the link of image press enter and its done, the system doesn't use the content put on the workshop anymore which could cause pink and black textures when your manipulation was wrong in your F4 menu.

I filmed myself modifying a skin while trying to make themes. Some videos about the edition : StarwarsRP Skins F4 Menu or HogwartsRP ( Poudlard ) Skins F4 Menu

For performance, the user downloads the skin only once at his first connection. It is possible to disable the server side code and just customize the skin from the client side configuration file by copying the configuration made from the interface, so copy/paste the custom skin in the configuration file by clicking on a simple button.

📦 Features

  1. Efficient and optimized customization system
  2. Configures the Background images and the banners with a simple URL of image, (Not the workshop)
  3. System customization include in the panel and from the configuration file
  4. Clean job descriptions when a day selects one
  5. Statistics on DarkRP
  6. Craft counter
  7. Top connected players
  8. Shop
  9. Shortcut system for transforming commands into clickable buttons,w ith filterable visibility, per job and ulx ranking
  10. Shortcut to open a support ticket on your server
  11. Translated into several languages automatically: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

🎨 What is customizable?

  1. Edit the RGBA color codes of the different parts of the interface, panels, button, external border, internal window border
  2. Edit in a dynamic way the background and the banner image in the F4 menu with a simple url of image
  3. Edit the addition of buttons with clickable links: Your Website, Your Discord Link, Your Steam Group, Donation Page or Shop.
  4. Edit the size of the interface: Height, Width
  5. Edit the title in the header of the interface
  6. Edit the sound type when opening, closing the menu and when clicking on a button
  7. Choose whether the F4 menu opens in fullscreen or according to your chosen size

📌 Important points

Ability to disable server-side upgrade to only use client-side configuration from the configuration file.
Optimised method, which reduces the weight of the script to 85kb. Unlike the other F4 menu which weighs in at 850kb.

📌 The console commands

  1. Reset server-side settings: nord_f4_color_reset
  2. Reset client-side settings: nord_f4_color_reset_clientside

👑 Admin

  1. Automatic Backup
  2. Access to the customization menu is only by the rank you saved in the configuration file, by default to admins and superadmins. If you don't have an admin system you can always add your SteamID in the config file.

💾 Persistence

  1. Everything you add or remove is saved in real time in a system independent of all other systems to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

🚀 Installation

  1. Install the script in the / Steam / steamapps / common/ GarrysMod / garrysmod / addons file of your Gmod server, you will be able to use it by pressing the F4 button after a reboot.
  2. No DRM so no need to activate to use

📌 Configuration

You will find the configuration file at this location: nordahl_f4_menu / lua / autorun / nordahl_f4_config.lua

✅ Admin System Compatibility


✅ Compatibility

  1. Compatible with all DarkRP Mods, StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, CityRP, gtaRP, AnimRP, MangaRP, ScoolRP, CloneRP, CloneRP, HaloRP, HarryPotterRP, PoudlardRP, MedievalRP, StalkerRP.

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Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_f4_menu.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_f4_menu

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2453425439
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2453425439 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : DarkRP F4 Menu customizable [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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