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How avoid the Leak of your scripts

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Un bon développeur ne devrait pas vous demander vos accès pour vous aider. Signalez le problème que vous rencontrez à travers un ticket support et expliquez le, le mieux possible avec un maximum de détail afin de pouvoir reproduire le bug.

This may seem logical, but never share your server access codes when a developer asks you for help. A good developer who knows what he is selling doesn't need your FTP access. Report your problem by explaining how to reproduce the bug.

By using scripts leaked on other sites, you expose yourself to malwares, viruses, backdoor, you are likely to have an obsolete version not optimized and not fixed to Garry's mod updates, here I always update my scripts. Keep in mind that when something is free, you are the product.

Most people who leak other people's scripts have a need for recognition and power. Don't give them the recognition they need. They feel that they are helping, but just prevent them from having the financial means to continue their work and also to make a living from it, this is detrimental to their professional activity and possible future updates.

It is strongly discouraged to use the versions of my scripts that have been leaked in the commercial context.

Thanks to the DRM system created by Nordahl you can see which servers are using your scripts without your authorization and therefore block them without being banned yourself. This can happen when you have an unreliable user on your staff accessing your server's FTP.