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🔨 Changelog

Changelog of DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

All updates to the "DarkRP F4 Menu customizable" addon listed here.

DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

📅 Version 3.0 Released 1638198948 ago

🚀 Added :
In the config file added the possibility to Hide the DarkRP job list if you do not want users on your server to select jobs from the f4 menu. This is useful if access to the jobs is only given by an Npcs or Admin via a Gmod Admin menu

In the config gile find :
cfg.Hide_jobs_list = 0 //0 = Draw all jobs, 1 = Hide list of DarkRP jobs

Check the id in the list in cfg.Screen, "jobs"= when the users open the first time the panel F4, the jobs list is selected. By exemple for the Home of the F4 panel replace the value by "home"

cfg.First_Button_Actived = "jobs"
📅 Version 2.9 Released 1633691742 ago

🧱 Improved :
Improved the job selection menu, added a scroll for long job descriptions.

Small optimisation.
📅 Version 2.8 Released 1631646780 ago

✔️ Patched :
Patch the error of the last update
📅 Version 2.7 Released 1631179376 ago

🚀 Added :
Add variable to customise the fonts : cfg.custom_fonts = "Trebuchet24"

🧱 Improved :
Slight reduction in file size on the client side

🚀 Added in the wiki of F4 Menu :
Add Question / Answer about : How to customize fonts?
📅 Version 2.6 Released 1627920558 ago

🚀 Added :

Add border inside the F4 Menu :

cfg.border_left = 0
cfg.border_right = 0
cfg.border_bottom = 0

🧱 Improved :
Reduction of file size.
📅 Version 2.5 Released 1619653442 ago

🧱 Improved :
Sometimes you have a red error model instead of the Job image in your F4 menu. This update allows you to force the image to be refreshed when the model exists. And avoids the red model error in your DarkRP job images.

Thank "Boruto is LMAO" for your report.
📅 Version 2.4 Released 1618986118 ago

🧱 Improved :
Optimized the size of the folder 361ko > 107ko (materials include)

✔️ Patched :

[nordahl_f4_menu] lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:103: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
1. pairs - [C]:-1
2. WriteTable - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:103
3. unknown - addons/nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_sv/sv_f4menu.lua:86

Timer Failed! [nord_f4_getskin_1][@addons/nordahl_f4_menu/lua/autorun/nordahl_sv/sv_f4menu.lua (line 83)]

📅 Version 2.3 Released 1618701193 ago

🧱 Improved :
Corrected when the F4 menu is not modified in real time.
📅 Version 2.2 Released 1618612950 ago

✔️ Patch :
Patch Lua error : attempt to call field 'Nord_f4editor_Save' (a nil value)
📅 Version 2.1 Released 1618203348 ago

🧱 Improved :
The button to write a message to support opens the ticket system directly if it is installed
📅 Version 2.0 Released 1618192041 ago

Dev message FR : Mise à jour du système de configuration des images d'arrière-plan et de bannière. Auparavant, vous deviez télécharger une image dans un pack de contenu vers l'atelier (vous saviez aussi comment le faire !), ajouter le pack de contenu à votre collection d'ateliers, modifier le chemin et redémarrer le serveur. Maintenant, vous copiez le lien et vous avez terminé.
Le système a été repensé suite à des suggestions, maintenant il suffit de copier l'url d'une image et cela change le fond instantanément. L'image sera chargée une fois lors de la première utilisation et mise en cache dans le fichier de données du client.

Dev message US : Updated the system for setting up background and banner images. Previously you had to upload an image in a content pack to the workshop (you knew how to do that too!), add the content pack to your workshop collection, change the path and restart the server. Now you copy the link and you're done.
The system has been redesigned following suggestions, now you just copy the url of an image and it changes the background instantly. The image will be loaded once on first use and cached in the client data file.

🚮 Removed :
+ Removed debug_dl_from_server_store, is no longer used, before it was necessary to share the background or have it uploaded to the workshop. Now your background image is stored on the web and uploaded only once in the data file.
cfg.debug_dl_from_server_store=1 // is now removed

+ Removed old image system

🚀 Added :
+Add new image storage with just a simple URL of your image.
+Created and linked the : Workshop ressource pack - content only
+Add the use of resource.AddWorkshop("2453425439"), it can be disabled with the variable USeWorkshopContent in the config file.
In the config file :
cfg_f4.USeWorkshopContent=1 // Enable 1 / Disable 0

+Add Preset in the config file :
-- 0 = Starwars base create by Norda
-- 1 = Hogwarts base create by Norda
-- 2 = Manga RP base create by Norda
-- 3 = HalloRP RP base create by Norda
cfg.skin_preset = 0

📅 Version 1.9 Released 1616974508 ago

🚀 Added :
Add compatibility with SAM Admin
Add compatibility with Gmod Scoreboard Editable
📅 Version 1.7 Released 1608341645 ago

Update of the config file of DarkRP F4 Menu customizable
📅 Version 1.6 Released 1595295767 ago

🚀 Added :
System Automatic download of the background stored in the file: addons/nordahl_f4_menu/materials/f4_background/
Added variable to disable automatic downloading of f4_background folder contents
📅 Version 1.4 Released 1587410882 ago

🚀 Added :
Added report button, shortcut of : Report Tickets System

🧱 Improved :
Allows you to minimize the categories in the F4 Shop menu
📅 Version 1.3 Released 1586130658 ago

✔️ Patched :
Fixed when the entered link is added to the previous one.

🧱 Improved :
Improve when the "Update" and "Reset" buttons are barely visible in the size edition.

Thank @Girah for the report.
📅 Version 1.2 Released 1584493167 ago

Patch some default DarkRP Commands who work with : "Say"

example : /dropmoney <number>

You can keep a copy of your config file. I only edited :

📅 Version 1.1 Released 1580475133 ago

🚀 Added :
Add an editable background image system from the interface
Add an editable link system from the interface
Add an editable link system from the interface
Added an example of a predefined skin for StarWarsRP
Added an example of a predefined skin for HogwartsRP
Added an example of a predefined skin for MangaRP
Added an example of a predefined skin for HaloRP
📅 Version 1.0 Released 1580194132 ago

Initial version
Icon 16*16 of DarkRP F4 Menu customizable Script Information


DarkRP F4 Menu customizable

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