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Description of Gmod Escape Menu Editor
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"Gmod Escape Menu Editor, is a Gmod addon that is used to fully edit your own Escape menu in a custom way. This script will contribute to the aesthetic identity of your server to make it unique. Bring out your personality through a visual identity that you will have entirely imagined and that you can modify as you wish! With the possibility to make each element clickable and to choose if it is a URL or a Command."

🚀 Presentation

"Gmod Escape Menu Editor" is a Gmod addon that is used to fully edit your own Escape Menu in a custom way. This script will contribute to the aesthetic identity of your server to make it unique.

Bring out your personality through a visual identity that you have entirely imagined and that you can modify as you wish!

It is intuitive, pretty, modern, and will allow you to simplify many things such as your event communication, the history of your universe in order to inform your players of its context, to provide crucial information to your operation, to quote the rules, but also to put news with custom images.
Choose your colours, text font, images and even music!
You will be able to move each element or customize the click action on each element and also choose if the click opens a link, launches a command or allows to join a server, in order to easily access your donation page or shop or addon collection. If you associate the click with a command, for example to open the interface of another script or commands related to your gamemode this is possible. The command will also concern the connection to another of your servers.

With only one addon, create an exclusive Escape Menu on your server, make your aesthetics evolve whenever you want without rebooting your server, without having to buy another Escape Menu, without touching the source code, since everything is completely editable from its interface.
I guarantee that this Escape Menu will be the only one on Originahl Scripts, I won't sell a new version of this script since each update will be free, you pay for it and also for the support. You will buy only one here and this only Escape Menu will be updated according to the suggestions made to me, support guaranteed.
The script is translated by default in several languages.

It contains :
A fully editable News bar, the action when a user clicks on the news image. The storybox block which will have several features, the background image, your server logo. The action of each button, banner, image in the storybox (e.g. putting a link will open a web page if the user clicks on it or will launch a client or server command if the user clicks on it)

How does it work for the user? The user when connected to your server, when he presses the Escape key the menu you edited will open instead of the Gmod menu. Your own banner ads will scroll and change automatically.

Support for static and live backgrounds with simple image links. With caching allowing a single download of the resource stored in the client's data folder.

Includes a server hopping feature to connect to other network servers by configuring the command to a banner, or button or in the Storybox.

Structure your buttons as you see fit, connect players to the server donation page, your store, the forums, your Discord etc. Remove / Add and modify the buttons you need.

A block I call StoryBox that can be used to tell the story of your server, list/memorize your seasons and scenarios. This Storybox can be used as a message of the day, a MOTD, set up a link or a command for your users to go and see or get something. For example "Click here to get your daily credits" or "Vote for us", etc. I think you'll have no shortage of ideas on how to use this to your advantage!

If you have news you want to broadcast to your players in a non-intrusive way, "Gmod Escape Menu Editor" is the tool for you.

You dream of blocking access to your console, this script allows you to do that too. On the security side you can choose which users can access the console in game.
How to block non-admin players from accessing the console in order to reduce one type of risk to your server. A variable allows this in the configuration file. See the documentation question 13.

🎨 What is configurable in the "Gmod Escape Menu Editor" interface?

Buttons : Adding / Removing buttons, Moving buttons, Spacing between buttons, Aligning buttons vertically and horizontally, Button icons (modify remove icons), Button text, 9 button styles, Button action, choose yourself if it is a url or a command.

The style of the interface: Configure the colours and gradients, the background with a simple image url, the logo with also a simple image url, modify the position of the logo, the font.

Your News : Add several news or remove some live, choose a news image and configure the action of the click on the news (if it opens a url or if it launches a command), position the news banner where you want. Create as many news as you want, they will scroll alone and automatically, when the Escape menu is opened.

Your Storyboxes: Title, text, attach an image with an image link, and also choose if the click opens a link or launches a command. Possibility to create several boxes.

Escape Menu Music: Add music when the escape menu is open.

📦 Features

  1. The script fits in 3 files, a client file, a server file and a configuration file. (The interface is fully customizable from its interface without the need to code)
  2. 9 Button styles already included
  3. A live customisation interface
  4. A simple backup system
  5. Easily customisable background image with a simple image URL
  6. All elements are clickable, buttons, news, MOTD, banners, if you add a link or a command
  7. Translated and available in several languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and more if suggested
  8. Console access Locker : Choose whether or not the console should be accessible to players on your server. Players log in to play. Not to cheat.

📌 The console commands

Reset server-side settings: nord_escapemenu_color_reset
Reset client-side settings: nord_escapemenu_color_reset_clientside

👑 Admin

  1. Activate the Editor mode to start customising with a single click
  2. Automatic backup at the slightest change
  3. Access to the customisation menu is only by the rank you have registered in the configuration file, by default to admins and superadmins. If you don't have an admin system, you can always add your SteamID in the configuration file.

💾 Persistence

  1. Everything you add or remove is saved in real time in a system independent of all other systems to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

🚀 Installation

Install the script in the /Steam / steamapps / common / GarrysMod / garrysmod / addons file of your Gmod server, you will be able to use it by pressing the Escape Key button after a reboot.

📌 Configuration

You will find the configuration file at this location: nordahl_escape_menu_editor/ lua/ autorun/ nordahl_escape_menu_config.lua

✅ Admin System Compatibility


✅ Compatibility

Compatible with all DarkRP Mods, StarwarsRP, HogwartsRP, CityRP, gtaRP, AnimRP, MangaRP, ScoolRP, CloneRP, CloneRP, HaloRP, HarryPotterRP, PoudlardRP, MedievalRP, StalkerRP.

➕ Bonus

When link opened with Gmod function gui.OpenURL( string url ) on all scripts, you can customise the background image, user will be asked for confirmation before the website will open in a nicer way.

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Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_escape_menu_editor.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_escape_menu_editor

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2463074954
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2463074954 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Escape Menu Editor [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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