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Originahl-Scrtips premium subscription

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Premium information

Premium Subscription and Advantages

1. On Our Original Scripts Site

📍 Gmod Server Promotion on the site :
Unlock the SERVERS button on your profile page. Display the list of your Garry's Mod servers and their presentation for the promotion of your Gmod server with a shortcut button for easy joining.

📍 Easy Access to Your Gmod Servers :
From your server list, a shortcut button allows quick joining without the need to share its IP or search for it in the Gmod server list.

📍 Priority Support :
Premium members enjoy priority customer support.

📍 Premium Badge :
Display the premium badge on your profile, showing the special status to the community.

2. On Our Discord Server

📍 Premium Role on Discord :
Premium rank on the Discord server.

📍 Gmod Server Promotion on Discord :
Access to the promotion channel for your Gmod server on Discord.