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Description of Gmod Resources Collecting System
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"With Gmod Resources Collecting System, place resource collection points, gather, or extract ammunition depending on the use you give it, it will adapt to all such situations without the slightest effort, nor the need to have knowledge of Lua / GLua. The user will be able to spam the "USE" key in the environment to collect hidden resources. Like all my gmod addons, it is still a standalone, meaning it doesn't need a gamemode to work, so it is compatible with all of Garry's Mod gamemodes. A nice progress bar will indicate the progress of the collection followed by a nice animated notification displaying the result of the collection in the colour of the point you have predefined. This system is customisable."

  1. 📘 Description of Gmod Resources Collecting System
  2. 📦 What does Gmod Resources Collecting System contain
  3. 💡 What is editable with Gmod Resources Collecting System
  4. ⚡ Network optimisations
  5. ❓ What type of need can Gmod Resources Collecting System address
  6. 🧩 Looting System Collection

📘 Description of Gmod Resources Collecting System

Gmod Resources Collecting System aims to bring to your Gmod server points of resources to loot, or resource extraction, the name you give it will depend on how you use it, the idea comes from an old reference on super nintendo "Secret of Evermore" the player digs each nook and cranny to collect and extract resources, I really liked this principle and I dreamed to reproduce it on my servers, so I propose you a similar system which will not be of too much of the gameplay of your server at the same time discrete and useful it will allow your players to explore the least recesses of it to discover its secrecies that you will have simmered with the help of my addon.

On the Admin side:
First create the bases, add either a model that will be visible or a simple cube that can be invisible. Name it and insert the different entities that the collection point will be able to output when the user presses the USE key when it is nearby.

User side:
The player searches the map near a point and will see a progress bar indicating that they have started collecting something.
Once the bar is complete, the resource is displayed nicely on his HUD, and ends up in his inventory or in his hands. If you have an inventory system the item will be in the inventory, it can be any entity specific to your server like weapons or ammo for example.

I imagine this script to be perfect for plant collection. It's up to you to imagine what you could do with it.

📦 What does Gmod Resources Collecting System contain?

1. An interface for administering and configuring the database of extraction points you will distribute on your map.
2. A system for adding entities by detection to avoid syntax errors.
3. A basic customisation system for collection points.
4. Build a collection point.
5. Spawn props to get the model without writing
6. Add the materials and entities you want at the end of the collection at each point.
7. Your players will have to press use nearby to start collecting
8. Assign a colour code effect depending on the type of point on your server.
9. Disconnects the collection points, they become invisible and use zero bandwidth
10. Add new resource points based on your new additions whenever you feel like it.
11. If you need to make collection points visible you have the option to have them removed after collection.
12. Customise the resource extraction time by type of point.
13. Name the points to let the players know what they are digging.
14. Customise the collection sound by environment type.
15. Create an environment with hidden content that will allow your players to explore your maps from top to bottom.
16. Build and convert props into points.

As usual the video show a demo of version 1.0. Updates will be added as you request them.

💡 What is editable with Gmod Resources Collecting System?

1. The name of the point, it will be displayed in the progress bar when the user is collecting the resource.
2. The model and skin if you have chosen to make the collection point visible.
3. The collection time of the resource point.
4. The collection sound when the collection is finished.
5. Respawn after, means the interval between collections that you have to wait.
6. Enable / Disable the invisible (Offline) option of a point to allow offline resource extraction points.
7. Customise the collection progress bar colour.

⚡ Network optimizations

This script allows to switch to offline in order to save bandwidth, this will have the effect of making the object invisible, which will also allow not to draw anything in 3D on the client side. However, the points are there. Ready to be interrogated with the USE key.

❓ What kind of need can Gmod Resources Collecting System meet?

1. You are looking for a system to hide objects on the map for your users to explore its environment.
2. You want to optimize your server's bandwidth by placing loot points offline.
3. You want your users in your gamemode to

🧩 Looting System Collection

Gmod Resources Collecting System is part of the LOOTING SYSTEM suite working independently from each other but together it completes a wide range of possibilities that concern looting.

1. NPC Death Loot Manager
2. Gmod Loot Furniture Designer
3. Destructible Resource Container System, Mining, Looting
4. Gmod Resources Collecting System


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_resources_collecting_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_resources_collecting_system

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2848177725
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2848177725 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Resources Collecting System [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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