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Sounds Formats supported on Gmod

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In the example below, this is a recurring problem, the user uses a sound that has a sampling rate of 48000. To solve this problem you will need to get closer to an audio compilation software or use another audio file. I can also do it for you. In this case contact me privately.

Sometimes some audio files do not work and you do not understand why, I am often asked, and the error is always the same, the format is not the right one or the sampling rate.

Fortunately this is displayed in the client console in red, example :

Unsupported 32-bit wave file alarmeagendaalarme.wav*** Invalid sample rate (48000) for sound 'alarme/agenda/alarme.wav'

Authorized sampling rates

Sample rate
  1. 11025 Hz
  2. 22050 Hz
  3. 44100 Hz

Authorized formats

  1. .mp3
  2. .wav
  3. .ogg

Where to install sounds on Garry's Mod ( Gmod )

The sounds must be placed in the sound/ folder. This can also be placed in an addon so : addon/youraddonname/sound/