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The workspace

  1. Workspace
    1.1 Workspace presentation
    1.2 Where to find the Workspace?
    1.3 Why isn't it displayed?

1. The Workspace

1.1 Workspace presentation

The Workspace is where you will be able to :

  • Submit your new products for sale (they must be checked and validated beforehand)
  • Publish product updates
  • Edit their descriptions, banners and your media (images and video)
  • Complete your product wiki to help guide your customers and future buyers
  • Access your customer list and check if they have really downloaded your product
  • You can also block the download by revoking the customers responsible for a dispute.

1.2 Where to find the Workspace?
Rolled over your profile, the Workspace menu appears in the drop-down bar of your profile if you have the right rank to do so.

☰ Example image :

1.3 Why isn't it displayed?
If you don't see your workspace. It's not a bug. You have a role that does not allow you to do so.
You can only access your Workspace if you have a minimum rank of coder. You can see the different ranks that exist on the site in the documentation.