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1. Basic rules
2. Rules of the tickets
3. In the discussions of the Scripts
4. When you leave a reviews

📌 1. Basic rule
1. Do not try to exploit or find bugs. You can be automatically be banned for a Feat.
2. Messages that are aggressive or defamatory statements, insults and personal criticism, profanity and vulgarities, and more generally any message contravening the French laws in force are prohibited.
3. Identity theft is prohibited, as well as the use of multiple accounts.
4. The author of the article is subject to the same rules of good conduct.
5. Repeated abuse may result in the closure of an account and the elimination of any publications.

📌 2. Rules of the tickets
1. I never asked for your logs of your servers to correct a problem. Since 2014 I solve the problems easily by deduction. So do not send your access. I could ask any of your logs.
2. Read the documentation before opening a ticket.
3. Keep your calm and provide a maximum of useful information, a simple message to say: "I have a bug" is not constructive.
4. I correct only the official version of my scripts. If you have made changes to the original code it is up to you to take it on, you can always re-download the version that works.

📌 3. In the discussions of the Scripts
1. Do not ask for help In the discussions of the Scripts, read the documentation or open a ticket.
2. Any insults or personal attacks is prohibited.
3. No settlement of account or provocation will not be tolerated.
4. The interventions are organized by groups, in order to divert and prevent constructive discussions are prohibited.
5. The relentlessly blatant against an author or a commentator, even in the absence of insult, is prohibited.

📌 4. When you leave a reviews
1. Will not be valid for the reviews reporting a problem, while there was no open ticket on this subject. I rule always the problems if they exist. And this quickly.
2. Will not be valid for the reviews to be unwarranted.
3. Will not be valid for the reviews if the installation script was not detected.