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Job Agenda Editor

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Description of Job Agenda Editor

"DarkRP Job Agenda Editor is a system for your Gmod servers, plan your job agendas. It is combined with a day of the week and hourly time cycle system. Compatible with all dakrp"

🚀 Presentation

Real-time management planning-combined with my time system. Days and hours work with all gamemodes, it's a system inspired by my own system. It has been rewritten for the management of some DarkRP jobs and student group management at RP School, since 2019 it is compatible with job categories, no need to create an agenda by job thanks to it. It was translated into 20 languages by the nice people. The hours of the day and the days of the week are automatically updated from Monday to Sunday. Your actual planning is written on a HUD at the top right, displaying the time and what is scheduled for that time for your job. So it's perfect for SchoolRP, Hogwartsrp, PoudlardRP, MilitaryRP, StarwarsRP and I forget.

📌 Important Points

  • This is not a DLC, it is a fully complete system.
  • Real-time editing, no need to reboot your server
  • It is instantaneous.
  • Compatible with Atmos. (My script manage automatically the cycle of day/Night effect)
  • This is not a DLC, it is a fully complete system.
  • This script works without DarkRP or any gamemode, and is compatible with all.
  • Compatible with ULX and all other adminaddon using the same system
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017
  • Work with Categories of Jobs Since 02 April 2019
  • In version 3.4 (June 2019) it is possible to configure a agenda by default. It is also possible to make a single agenda for everyone.
  • No knowledge in scripting to know how to use it.

🌶️ Features

  1. Editing of the name of plans on the timetable (jobs and/or groups).
  2. Ability to create multiple plans per group.
  3. Working together on the same timetable.
  4. Cycle of hours, minutes, secondes and days.
  5. Option to show/hide the 3D model.
  6. Hide Groups Useless

⚙️ Management Interface

  1. Management panel.
  2. The Panel is already translated into 20 languages (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish).
  3. Disable or Enable F1 to Open the Planning

⏰ Time

  1. [Automated] Week cycle from Monday to Sunday.
  2. Horraire cycle.
  3. Set the Day hour range (Choose hour the day start and finish)

⚙️ Option

  1. Planning - Option - [Admin]Set the days with hours.
  2. Planning - Option - HUD in the corner of the current activity.
  3. Planning - Option - [Admin]Select number of plans you want on your server.
  4. Planning - Option - [Admin]Set the names of plans - can be a group or a job.
  5. Planning - Option - HUD draw (ON / OFF).
  6. Planning - Option - [Admin]Give name of planning can be a Group or a Job.
  7. Planning - Option - Language Selection (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish).
  8. Planning - Option - Time format (AM/PM or 24 hours format).
  9. Planning - Option - [Admin]Virtual Conversion Time.

💾 Persistence

  1. Real-time backup that prevents data loss in case of a crash.

⚙️ Console COMMAND

  1. Tired of picking up commands here? Then use this new script(Scripts Command Center) All commands is pre configured in one unique customizable interface.
  2. To open, read or manage the planning and the set the time format option : planning
  3. To stop the time : planning_time_stop
  4. To play the time : planning_time_play


  1. -Open the Panel Youtube Music System: !planning

✅ Compatible

  • Compatible with ULX Admin Groups Since 30 august 2015
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017
  • Tired of typing commands for night and day? You don't have to, it is automatic. My script is compatible with Atmos on Gmod can be find in the workshop (weather, day and night addon).


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder nordahl_job_agenda_editor.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_job_agenda_editor

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2513515661
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2513515661 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Job Agenda Editor [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

Tip to avoid the leak of Job Agenda Editor installed on your Garry's Mod server: How avoid the Leak of your Gmod scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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