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Gmod Stamina System + Editable HUD

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Description of Gmod Stamina System + Editable HUD
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"Stamina means Endurance in English. Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD is a stamina management mod, and movement based on this stamina, it incorporates a gauge system, plus a customisable HUD, it adds the notion of stamina on your Gmod server, which can involve your users to make strategic decisions based on this additional variable that enriches the gameplay of your project. Underwater the Stamina bar will become a blue oxygen bar. Configure restrictions related to Stamina when stamina is at its lowest, for example choose if there is no possibility to jump or run when stamina is at Zero. Make this state of weakness last by activating the breathless mode, the user will have to recover a percentage of his stamina to be able to recover his functions. All this with a fully customizable HUD."

  1. 📘 Presentation of Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD
  2. 📦 Contents
  3. 💪 Stamina max Upgrade System
  4. 📐 Editing options for the stamina bar in the HUD.
  5. 🕹️ Commands
  6. 💾 Save and persistence
  7. ⚙️ Configuration file
  8. 🪄 Examples of Spawnable entities in Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD
  9. 📚 The functions associated with the Player Class and the creation of objects for development
  10. 🍗 Anti b-hopping System for GMod
  11. ✔️ Compatibility

📘 Presentation of Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD

Improve your gamemode on your Garry's mod server with Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD.
Working without any Gamemode this system brings a whole new concept to your server and to the players that can be strategic, or simply bring a touch of realism.

How does it work for the player?
He will run and his stamina will decrease. His stamina drops to zero and he will not be able to continue his sprint, he will see his stamina bar slowly filling up but it will be red. When the stamina bar is red it indicates that the user has reached the minimum threshold of zero, and has entered the state of breathlessness. The state of breathlessness will prevent the user from sprinting irrationally again while juggling with the little stamina that will be recharged, in short it is not realistic. In the configuration you will be able to choose at which level of recovery the breathlessness ends. For example when the player has recovered 20% of his stamina. Then the stamina bar will return to its original color.

Underwater the stamina bar becomes an oxygen bar. The remaining stamina will be the amount of oxygen available. Once the oxygen is at zero you can define if he loses life points or if he loses life directly.

On the item side you can create stamina recharge or upgrade items, define if the stamina max increases with the user level.

What about customization? See the video above. Or the screenshots. You can modulate everything from gameplay rules to stamina and HUD.

📦 Contents

You will find:
1. A database system for users.
2. A Module of management of the system of stamina according to the ranks: superadmin, admin, moderator, vip, user, etc
3. Modular Stamina bar in the HUD.
4. An oxygen bar that takes over when the user is underwater. The stamina becomes the oxygen.
5. A module to manage the stamina system according to the DARKRP JOBS: mayer, citizen, vip, etc.
6. A customization system for the stamina bar in the HUD (see below or screenshots).
7. A lot of customizable HUD styles (even carrots as stamina bar).
8. Spawnable Stamina regeneration entities and a max Stamina upgrade entity.
9. Stamina related gameplay customization options
10. Full documentation.

💪 Stamina max Upgrade System

With Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD, you will be able to decide if the Stamina max evolve with the level of the player, provided you have a leveling system installed on your server garry's mod, if you find a homemade one in the store / Gmod addons section
It will be possible to choose the upgrade possibilities of the stamina max either by finding a key item (preferably rare to make it valuable), or according to the level of your users. The progress of your users is saved, stamina points to avoid your players disconnecting and reconnecting to recharge their stamina.

📐 Editing options for the stamina bar in the HUD.

You will have the possibility to customize the stamina bar in all directions in a responsive way.
What is customizable in the HUD of Gmod Health Management + HUD Editor?
1. The position X Y
2. Length and width
3. The background color of the bar
4. The color of the progress bars
5. The color of the text
6. The color of the icon
7. The font of the text
8. Replace default icons with your own by simple image link.
9. 19 HUD styles, circle, horizontal bar, hearts, textual, etc.
10. Changes applicable without rebooting your server.

🕹️ Commands

To access the menu the chat command : !stamina
The console command : norda_hud_stamina_system

💾 Save and persistence

The Stamina Stats Backup System is included. Offer your users a continuation of their next session by progressing with the stats they had at their disconnection, it also avoids the abuse of reloading stats with a simple disconnection.

⚙️ Configuration fileMost of the configuration is done from an interface, which makes the configuration file very minimal.

You will be able to configure:
cfg.FX_to_Open = "F3" -- 0 = Disabled, defines if the menu can be opened with the F1 F2 F3 F4 key.

cfg.Delay_Stamina_Loop = 2 -- Every 2 seconds during a Sprint the Stamina wears out, at stop the Stamina regenerates.
cfg.Custom_Fonts = "Trebuchet24" -- Custom Fonts of the HUD
cfg.MaxStamina_define_per_lvl = 0 -- 0 = User has to buy or find the item that increases his max Stamina, 1 = Max Stamina goes up with user level.
cfg.Stamina_start = 100 -- This is the starting Stamina of the user who starts on your server.
cfg.MaxStamina_gain_per_levelup = 10 -- The additional max Stamina per level up, here the user gains 10 max Stamina points per level.
cfg.MaxStamina_max = 1000 -- Set the max Stamina limit on your server. A player will not be able to have more. Even if he collects upgrade items.
cfg.Stamina_Sprint_Use=20 -- The amount of stamina used during a script. The variable: cfg.Delay_Stamina_Loop above allows to set the delay.

🪄 Examples of Spawnable entities in Gmod Stamina System + Customisable HUD

The addon includes spawnable entities that can be used as examples or tools to enrich the content of your server, e.g. by placing them as loot or merchantable items at a merchant. Spawnable entities can be disabled in the configuration file with the variable, cfg.Enable_Items_Spawnable.

The different spawnable entities are :
Stamina reloads which have the effect of restoring the Stamina of the user who picks them up by pressing USE on it.
The Upgrades of the Stamina max which has the effect to upgrade the max limit of the Stamina points of the user when he picks them up. This max limit is saved and the user keeps the wear and tear and his stats when he disconnects.
The spawnable entities are automatically deleted after 30 seconds by default, this time can be defined in the configuration file.

📚 The functions associated with the Player Class for developers and the creation of objects for development

1. Glua functions on Client and Server side :
player:Stamina() = Allows you to know the user's Stamina points if you need it for example to limit melee attacks when the player is out of breath.
player:GetMaxStamina() = Allows you to know the user's max Stamina points.

2. Glua's server-side functions :

The following functions allow:
player:addStamina(number) = Allows to give or remove the Stamina. For example. 10 = Adds 10 of Stamina to the stamina it already has. -10 Removes 10. He can't go below Zero.
player:setStamina(number) = Set the Stamina of the player.

Manage max Stamina via function items:
player:addMaxStamina(number) = Allows to increase or decrease the max Stamina. If you want to create entities that upgrade or downgrade max stamina points.
player:setMaxStamina(number) = Allows you to set the max Stamina points of the player.

🍗 Anti b-hopping system for GMod

Without really wanting to, the system brings an anti b-hopping system since you can activate a stamina wear when he jumps and limit the jump when he has no stamina left. No more players jumping around for nothing. Perfect for a serious roleplay setting.

✔️ Compatibility

Still works even without gamemode installed.


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_hud_stamina_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_hud_stamina_system

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2717708756
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2717708756 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Stamina System + Editable HUD [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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