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Teleportation Portal addon for Gmod

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Description of Teleportation Portal addon for Gmod
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"Teleportation system that allows you to exploit unused areas of maps on your gmod server. With a flexible and customizable transition effect, you'll be able to place points on false doors and teleport the player to a configured position, all from a simple and intuitive interface. Customize the sound and transition effect so that your users don't see that they have been teleported. So that they stay in the immersion properly. A restriction system will allow you to limit the access to the visible portal according to your own model or invisible if the map is already equipped with unnecessary decorative doors. You can also add a magic effect for fantasy, magic or science fiction gamemode types."

  1. 📘 Description of Gmod Teleportation Portal Addon
  2. 📦 What does Gmod Teleportation Portal Addon contain
  3. ✔️ Teleportation point restriction system by level, ranks, jobs and category
  4. 🎨 Editable content from the Gmod Teleportation Portal Addon
  5. 🎮 Fluid and customizable transition effects
  6. 🔊 Editable transition audio effects
  7. 💾 Independent persistence system
  8. ❓ Why did you make this zone linking system?

📘 Description of Gmod Teleportation Portal with restriction system

You have maps on your Gmod servers with a lot of doors but which are useless because they are scenery... Or rooms that are inaccessible without having to switch to noclip (which your users usually can't use in their normal game session). Create a simple and pleasant fluid transition between two points with Gmod Teleportation Portal, the user sees a door or a luminous point, he will have the reflex to press USE this time something will happen, a door sound (editable) is played, the screen becomes black, a loading bar is displayed (editable) with a custom message that appears smoothly in the middle of the screen before clearing up again (this transition time is also editable if you want it to last 10 seconds), you will have understood that you have just moved to another area of the map without realizing it which is not unpleasant.

By giving access to non usable areas of the map you exploit all its potential because it allows you to extend the game area on your server or simply to offer a possibility to explore areas in a different and fast way from a teleportation point or machine since the original model (a grey cube) is replaceable from the configuration of the teleportation point, replace it by another of your models or by a special effect. See the video for the demonstration.

❓ Don't know what else to do with this script, here are some ideas for using the system?
To begin with, know that it can be either a door or a teleporter. That you have the choice to make it invisible (when the door already exists on the map), modify the model or simply display a special particle effect triggered by Gmod ParticleEffectAttach by simply inserting your FX name into the parameter.

Ideas for use:
1: Place transition points between two useless gates on your map originally to create a useful passage, and make the gray cube invisible from the interface.
2: If there is no door, create one, turn the gray cube model into a door from a door model and stick it to the wall to create a transition point to another point.
3: Your server is not a serious survival horror but a fantasy world of magic in which you assume the full magical part of teleportation then, turn the teleportation point into a magic portal, add the name of the effect and the gray cube becomes a point that will play the special effect, replace the teleportation sounds and reduce the transition time to 0 seconds, which will disable the loading time for instant teleportation.

📦 What does Gmod Teleportation Portal Addon

- An interface to manage and index everything.
- A standalone system that will work as well on a gmod server without gamemode as on a DarkRP.
- A possibility of customization allowing to transform a teleportation point into a door towards a magic or futuristic teleporter.
- A simple entity.
- A management panel allowing to manage all teleporters from a single interface.
- A documentation page.

✔️ Teleport point restriction system by level, ranks, jobs and category

This system is already useful without it. It also offers the ability to restrict the use of the portal to the level of the user attempting to pass through it.
It is also possible to restrict the use of the portal at the level of the user trying to pass through it, for example to create special access for Admins or VIPs to an off-map area.
To jobs? Or to job categories if you have too many jobs.

🎨 Editable content of the Gmod Teleportation Portal Addon

The list of editable content of the teleportation entity:
The name: Giving a name to your teleportation point will make it easier to find your way around your management list.
The model : Define a model if you need it. Like a teleportation machine.
The skin of the model : Change the skin of the model
Visibility: If the map already has unnecessary doors, you can make the teleportation point invisible.
Entry sound effect: When you pass the door, a sound will be played (by default, a door opening sound).
Exit sound effect: When you reach the exit point, a sound will be played (by default, a door closing sound).
Access closing sound effect: If you have restricted access, a sound will be played.
Transition time:
The transition message: Allows you to display a message to indicate a specific message to the user. Each portal can have its own transition message.
Teleportation position: Allows you to apply the exit position.
Particle effect: The particle effect allows to display a special effect at the teleportation point. Disabled by default.
The transition color : Enabled, it allows to display the color of the transition bar.

🎮 Smooth and customizable transition effects

You have placed a door at the bottom of a building, then an exit on the roof. In this case, you don't want the transition to last 2 seconds but more. It is possible to make the transition last longer. The custom message can become a sentence "You're going up the stairs" the loading bar can indicate the time left before it appears at the top.

🔊 Editable transition audio effects

There are 3 sound effects that are customizable, including.
Gate opening. When the user steps through the gate, a gate opening sound is played.
Gate exit sound.
When the gate is locked, a locked gate warning sound is played.

To modify them, replace the existing paths with the path of your audio files.
To deactivate them, just leave them blank.

💾 Independent persistence system

The Gmod Teleportation Portal addon includes an independent data system allowing it to save only the bare minimum in order to remain persistent and minimalist. Entities are not deleted until the persistence mode of the system is deactivated (by a simple clickable button from the management interface).

❓ Why did you create this zone linking system?

As I was asked before the script was released, I put the question/answer here. Why did I create this teleportation addon for gmod?
Because a regular user asked me for it, he couldn't find it neither on Gmodstore nor on the gmod workshop.
And when he finds it, it doesn't work at all or only partially. So I created this system to meet his need, to thank him for trusting me.

I remembered that I had a great need for it at one time on another of my projects, so I did it and I also added a restriction module because I know that the project managers on my Discord would have asked me eventually. This is my 50th script from Originahl Scripts. A script I so wish I had back then. So here it is.


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_teleportation_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_teleportation_system

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2879804925
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2879804925 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Teleportation Portal addon for Gmod [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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