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NPC Death Loot Manager

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Norda Npcs Death Loot - Gmod interfaceAdd npcs entities in the interface to manage the loot of themSelect a Gmod item entitie you spawned with the button of detectionA Design pure and simple to understand, all is intuitive.Clic on the interface and Dbutton to draw your optionsSet the luck of Npcs can drop itemSet the chance of the items can be spawned after the death of npcsKill the npcs you added in list = Drop lootsWhen the npcs die he drop what you configured!loot in your Gmod Chat to open the panel, player can also check it without touch the setting

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Description of NPC Death Loot Manager
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"NPC Death Loot Manager is my 5th GMod addon of the year 2021. It is about adding a gameplay mechanic to your server that is usually found in MMORPGs. It allows you to configure in real time from a clean and intuitive interface, the loot inventory of each class of Npc dropped when they die, choose the probability of dropping the npc, the quantity possible. All of this allows you to make items more or less rare from the list. For example you can set up special loots for a Boss."

🚀 Presentation

"NPC Death Loot Manager" is a Gmod addon that allows you to create a loot inventory and choose the rarity of each item you added to the Npc's class inventory, the amount and probability of drop at death of the Npcs of that class and the rarity of each item.

This adds new gameplay mechanics and dynamism to your Gamemode or server, this system is compatible with all Npcs and Game Modes.

This is a gameplay mechanic that is usually found in MMORPGs. You will be able to configure in real time the loot inventory of each NPC class, and the probability rate of each loot allowing to make items more or less rare depending on the type of NPC.
This without reboot and when you want from an intuitive and simple interface. Access it with a chat command "!loot" or from your console : "npc_dloot_manager".

You can choose whether your Npcs list and loots can be viewed by your players or keep it private.

Some ideas for use:
- Compensate for the difficulty of certain enemies with loot that is equal to the challenge, so you reward your users and encourage farming on your servers like in some Mmorpg's.
- Organize events on an increase of loot that your Npcs can drop.
- Reward your players with loot when they defeat a boss on your server.
I'm sure you'll have ideas for uses that I can't imagine.

You want the Npcs on your Gmod server to loot money like in GTA? This addon is for you.

If you don't know how to manage a place where a Boss can appear, I have already created a script dedicated to this kind of need where you can define the Bosses life points and their appearance positions, it is the NPCs Spawn Point Creator.

📦 Features

  1. Npcs inventory management system
  2. Define the rarity per loots in inventory of Npcs class
  3. Define the probability of loots by Npcs class
  4. Define the amount of loot per Npcs class
  5. Let the players have the possibility or not to consult the list this makes it transparent when some loots are store items.
  6. Intuitive interface
  7. A backup system
  8. Translated and available in several languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and more if suggested

📌 The console commands

Open the panel to setup the Npc Death loot in your Gmod server : npc_dloot_manager
Chat Command : !loot

👑 Admin

  1. Activate the Usermode to see what the player sees when he open the panel.
  2. Automatic backup at the slightest change
  3. Configure everything that npcs should loot when they die.

💾 Persistence

Everything you add or remove is saved in real time in a system independent of all other systems to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

🛠️ Configuration

Everything is configurable from the interface accessible with the chat command : "!loot"
The configuration file is at this location : nordahl_npcs_death_loot/ lua/ autorun/ nordahl_npcs_deathlooter_config.lua

✅ Admin System Compatibility


✅ Compatibility

Compatible with all Npcs and Gamemodes.

🌂 Tips

Installation :
Unzip the folder nordahl_npcs_death_loot.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_npcs_death_loot

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NPC Death Loot Manager

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