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Gmod ATM + Banker (Banking System)

Video of Gmod ATM + Banker (Banking System)

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Description of Gmod ATM + Banker (Banking System)
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"Gmod ATM Banker System is an addon for Gmod, it adds gameplay related content to your server, this script allows you to create interaction points and store your money, place customizable ATM or editable banker NPCs. Your users will be able to deposit their money, withdraw, invest, transfer to another account of an absent user."

  1. 📘 Description of Gmod ATM + Banker System
  2. 📦 What Gmod ATM + Banker System contains
  3. 💼 The Investment System
  4. ➡️ The System for transferring to another steam account
  5. 📈 The Statistics Tracking System to keep an eye on the server economy
  6. ❄️ The Bank Account Freeze System
  7. ❓ What kind of need can Gmod ATM + Banker System meet
  8. 🛡️ Death or Accident protection in play
  9. 🖌️ Possible customizations of the ATM or Banker NPC
  10. 🕹️ The Orders
  11. 🪙 Suggestions for this script

📘 Description of Gmod ATM + Banker System

Gmod ATM Banker System is an addon for Gmod, it adds content related to the gameplay of your server, this script allows you to create points of interaction, place customizable ATM or editable banker NPCs. Your users will be able to deposit their money, withdraw, invest, transfer to another account of an absent user.

Users will also be able to transfer money from one account to another without the recipient having to be logged in, transfer to an offline user's account, check!

If the word banker is in the product title, it's because you can also replace the ATM system with an NPC. Customize his posture and dialogue text. Since in some universes it is not possible to place ATMs because of the context or time where your action takes place. The NPC banker will easily replace an ATM.

Everything is editable from the entity model to the interface, background image, color, button icons, etc..
The script allows you to configure any ATM model and therefore compatible with all the models you will find. It would be a gray cube that would not change anything to the good functioning. Where to find one? Either you make it yourself or the Gmod Workshop on Steam is full of them.

📦 What Gmod ATM + Banker System contains

1. A bank account administration system.
2. A fully customizable ATM.
3. A fully customizable banker NPC.
4. A customizable ATM or dialog interface system to make it unique and specific to your server.
5. Up-to-date documentation and support.
6. A dynamic and realistic keypad when the ATM mode is activated. It does not appear when you have chosen a banker NPC instead of ATM.
7. An editable dialogue system when it comes to a banker NPC.

💼 The Investment System

Motivate your players to come back with an Investment System. Before leaving the player chooses his interest rate. The time frame. And come back for more the next time they log in.

They will be able to choose which plan to choose, the longer the delay the better the rates, for example:
Between come back to collect interest in an hour +1%, 1 day 2%,
Or in a week + 5%. Useful when users can only play on weekends. During the week they are away, they place everything in investment and when they come back they will be motivated to collect their money + interest.

The rates are customizable from the configuration file.

➡️ The Transfer System to another steam account

With the transfer system, don't wait for your friend to log in to transfer money, send it directly to their in-game bank account while they are away.
Enter the recipient's steamid64 and the amount you want to send.

📈 Statistics Tracking System to keep an eye on the server's economy

With the statistics system will allow the player to locate their wealth compared to others, to see the number of account opened, the number of user account blocked (so that the information makes aware that the bank does not joke about your game) a blocked account = loss of access to its deposits

❄️ The Bank Account Freeze System

This measure of freezing bank accounts is intended to block the bank accounts of the malicious player or other reasons, either in a RolePlay or not. The player who has a blocked bank account will no longer be able to access its contents.

❓ What type of need can Gmod ATM + Banker System meet?

You are looking for a banking system for Gmod?
How to place ATM on my Gmod server?
How do I create ATMs?
How do I create ATMs?
How to save player's money?
How to create NPC Banker?
How to replace ATMs in universes where the time does not allow to use them?
How to have a unique ATM interface?
How to reward a player when he comes back on my Gmod server?
How to make a player send money to another player offline on Gmod?

🛡️ Protection against death or accident in play

On some server gameplay, when a player dies, he loses a percentage of his currency in his possession, depositing his content in the bank protects him from this.

🖌️ Possible customizations of the ATM or NPC banker

1. The background image with a simple image link.
2. The avatar of the Banker can be an image instead of a 3D model.
3. Each icon of each button, is an imgur image link, replace it and it will be instantly applied without going through the workshop or rebooting the server (The background image is the same).
4. The color of the interfaces.
5. The name of the buttons.
6. The language.
7. The sound effects of the UI.
8. The posture of the NPC
9. The 3D model of the ATM or the NPC, put what you want. On the video I could have used a gray Cube it was the same.

🕹️ Commands

To open the administration menu of the bank accounts database, you can just write in the console: "atm" or "bank".
Or use my New administration system for GMod and just click a button.

To customize an ATM or a banker press "Use" on it once the menu is opened on the top right the little wheel will allow you to switch between the editor mode and the user mode.

🪙 Suggestions for this script

1. Gmod Money System + HUD Maker: If you don't have a currency system on your server this script does the job in the most optimized way, it includes a customizable currency, spawnable entities, HUD and database, it will also allow you to customize the interface, salary by rank and jobs or categories. And other management tools.
2. Gmod Store Builder: Create stores everywhere on your GMod server, you can choose whether it is a npc in a posture or a machine, the content of the store, prices, etc..
3. Gmod ATM + Banker System: This is the script that will allow you to place customizable ATMs and Banker NPCs with all their options (stock, withdrawal, investment, transfer)


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_atm_banker_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_atm_banker_system

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2794208806
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2794208806 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod ATM + Banker (Banking System) [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

Tip to avoid the leak of Gmod ATM + Banker (Banking System) installed on your Garry's Mod server: How avoid the Leak of your Gmod scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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