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Changelog 2.0

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ver 2.0

Gmod Discord Logging System

"Gmod Discord Logging System is a system allows you to send and store logs from your Garry's Mod servers on your Discord server in text rooms using webhooks links that you can generate. You do not need to connect to your Gmod server to access it. This system also makes it possible to check from Android, Windows and Apple media."

🚀 Presentation

Logging system, to track activity on your Garry's Mod servers from your mobile phone or tablet,
you know in real time what's going on there. Allowing you to know in the form of a notification transmitted on your Discord server, channels that you can for example put in private or in public receiving.
For example, to find out who joined your server, who was killed an in-game player in real time and with which weapon. You can also find out who started being a pest by reading the cat and who attacked first. Have a clear, simplified and impartial management or moderation of your server thanks to the logs.

📌 Events logged

  1. Login:
    1. Player_Connect
    2. Player_Disconnected
  2. PlayerSay:
    1. gmod_global_chat
    2. gmod_team_chat
  3. EntityTakeDamage:
    1. explosion_damage
    2. fall_damage
    3. physics_damage
    4. weapons_damage
    5. npcs_damage_players
    6. players_damage_npcs
  4. Deaths:
    1. Other
    2. Car_Kill
    3. Npcs
    4. PvP
    5. Suicide
  5. DarkRP:
    1. playerArrested
    2. playerUnArrested
    3. playerWanted
    4. playerUnWanted
    5. playerWarranted
    6. playerUnWarranted
    7. onPlayerChangedName
    8. OnPlayerChangedTeam
    9. playerAdverted
    10. playerSetAFK
    11. playerBuyDoor
    12. playerBoughtVehicle
    13. playerBoughtShipment
    14. playerBoughtPistol
    15. playerBoughtFood
    16. playerBoughtDoor
    17. playerBoughtAmmo
    18. playerBoughtCustomEntity
    19. playerBoughtCustomVehicle
  6. TTT:
    1. TTTPrepareRound
    2. TTTBeginRound
    3. TTTEndRound
  7. NutScript:
    1. OnPlayerUseBusiness
    2. OnCreateShipment
    3. OnCharDelete
    4. OnPlayerJoinClass
    5. PlayerMessageSend
    6. PlayerSay
    7. StorageItemRemoved
  8. KickBan:
    1. Kick_ULX
    2. Ban_ULX
  9. Whitelist:
    1. Player_Add_in_job
    2. Player_Add_in_categorie
  10. Tickets:
    1. nordahl_new_ticket_open
    2. nordahl_ticket_closed

📌 Prerequisites

A web server to upload the web file, PhP

📌 Important points

  1. No need to configure a MySQL server
  2. The data is not stored on the hard disk of your GMod server, nor on the hard disk of your WEB server
  3. Inform your players who has joined your server about your Discord
  4. This script will positively change the way you manage your servers in a positive way.
  5. Disable and Enable only what you want to log.
  6. NO DRM

🚀 First step

When you install the script open the menu with the command logs_system, a menu will open with the different types of logs you want to activate.

For example, you want to save the Kills on a text room on your Discord, insert the link of the webhook generated on your text room on Discord, activate the module Kills Logs by clicking on ON and select the types of Kills you want to save, for example, PvP Kills. You will then know in real time who is dead, by whom, and also with whom she is arming. The system provides the users' steamID64 to efficiently administer this. You can also log the damages to find out who attacked first. And it's not just that, check the video, images and script documentation for more information.

📌 Commands

  1. Command in the console to open the panel: logs_system or nord_discord_logs_system
  2. Chat command: !Dlogs
  3. To debug and get info in the console: debug_discord_log "https://Your_Domain/debug_discord_logs.php" "webhook_link"

👑 Admin

  1. Access is only by rank that you have saved in the configuration file, by default to admins and superadmins. If you don't have an admin system you can always add your SteamID.

💾 Persistence

  1. Everything you add or remove is backed up in real time in a system independent of all other systems to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

📌 Configuration

Configuration does not require any skills

✅ Compatibility

  1. Compatible with all gamemodes, possible suggestions for improvements and additions.

🌂 Tips

Tip to avoid leak of your scripts: How avoid the Leak of your scripts
Install an addon on Gmod: How install an addon on Gmod
Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop: Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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Gmod Discord Logging System

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