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Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone

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Description of Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone
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"Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone is an addon for your Gmod server, it allows you to create radioactive zones on all maps, you will be able to edit the size of each zone and the radiation rate of its zones in real time. The pack includes a tool called Geiger counter which measures in mSv millisievert the radioactivity. This unit of measurement is changeable. The HUD indicates your contamination rate which is also adjustable from the included administration interface. It is possible to set an immunity rate by Team or Job if you use DarkRP, by rank (superadmin, vip, ect)."

  1. ☢️ What is Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone?
  2. 📦 What is in the Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone addon
  3. ❓ What type of need can Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone meet?
  4. 📏 The list of items included in the addon
  5. 🎥 Effect of Post Processing
  6. ⚙️ The integrated radiation system management panel
  7. 🛡️ Set the radiation protection rate according to rank and job
  8. 🔛 Modules that allow you to modify the behavior of the radiation system
  9. 🎨 Modular contamination gauge (HUD included)
  10. ⚡ Optimisation
  11. 🧩 APIs for devs

☢️ What is Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone?

So Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone allows to bring as its name indicates a realistic and ultra optimized radioactivity system on your Gmod server, and allows to add on any map irradiated zones more or less large and more or less irradiated, these zones are invisible but you can make them visible to work on them.

When you enter a radioactive zone, depending on the intensity, the screen loses its color and turns black and white. The effect can be disabled which makes the danger more invisible and the Geiger counter is very useful.

The lethal dose is 10 000 mSv millisievert. So as soon as you reach this threshold your character will die.

The spawnable entities included such as stable Iodine can counter the effect of radiation. And the included Geiger counter allows to measure the radioactive radiation at your position, so it indicates precisely the rate of radiation you absorb.

A radiation protection system allows you to configure the protection rate in percent, darkrp jobs, teams, ranks and job categories.

What is radioactivity? Radioactivity is a radiation or particle flux emitted by chemical elements such as atoms. It can be caused by humans (medical therapy, nuclear activity) or occur naturally in the air. Above a certain limit, it is harmful to health and can lead to death. It is measured with a Geiger counter like the one added in the source code of the script.

What is the Geiger counter? The Geiger counter is a radiation and particle meter. It will tell you if you are in a dangerous or safe area.

Thanks to its function of dosimeter, it determines the cumulated radioactive dose or the equivalent of dose received by a person exposed to the ionizing radiation. Very useful in a risky environment and if you deactivate the HUD it will allow its wearer to know the contamination threshold he has reached. But also the level of radiation of the other players in front of him. There you are served at the Roleplay level. But if it's too realistic you can deactivate the options that simplify all this. In order to keep a rather Arcade gameplay, it will be according to your needs.

The complete title should be : Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone + Modular HUD + Geiger Meter + Iode Pills, but it's too long.

📦 What is in the Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone addon

The script contains:
A modular radiation zone system with which you can place and configure zones on all maps.
A HUD to indicate the player's contamination gauge, adjustable.
An administration panel is included.
A Geiger counter which is the measuring tool
A spawnable entity: Stable iodine pill that allows to decrease the radiation rate.
A spawnable entity : Radioactive iodine pill that allows to contaminate a player or to be used for experimental purposes.

❓ What type of need can Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone meet?

1. Do you want to add an invisible threat to the gameplay of your project?
2. Looking for an addon to put irradiated areas on your map?
3. Add the notion of irradiation and contamination in the Lore of your server?
4. Make a StalkerRP or FalloutRP server?
5. An optimized GMod radiation system?
6. If you're into post apocalyptic. It's in the cards.

📏 The list of items included in the addon

1. A 2D Geiger counter that displays on the interface when you hold it, you can always replace the 2D model with your own model. This will not prevent the system from crackling in the presence of radiation and indicating the contamination rate in mSv.
2. Radioactive pill, which allows you to increase your contamination rate for your tests.
3. A box of stable iodine pills, which allows you to decrease your contamination level.

🎥 Effect of Post Processing

When you enter an irradiated area, the image becomes dull and loses its color. The closer you get to the center of the area, the more radiation you are exposed to, the more gray the image becomes until it is black and white.

⚙️ The integrated radiation system management panel

An intuitive interface to handle everything.
From this management menu you can create zones. Modify the database, Create and manage the resistance rate of DarkRP jobs (or team), Spawner the included items, Modify the options, and modulate the HUD and the display.

🛡️ Set the radiation protection rate according to the rank and the job

You will have the possibility from the management interface of the radiation system to configure the immunity rate of a rank, a job, a job category or a team in case you have decided not to use this script in a DarkRP.
You will be able to choose the protection rate in percentage.
For example:
0% = No protection (This will default to any new rank or job added to the list).
50% = Half protected.
100% = Fully protected.

🔛 Modules that allow to modify the behavior of the radiation system

The module panel allows you to enable and disable a wide variety of options. Disabled options are not dormant but totally inactive.
The list of modules:
radiation_reset: Set with a simple ON / OFF if the radiation rate drops to zero when a player loses life.
irradiation_zone_time: Define in seconds the contamination rate when you enter an irradiated zone.
irradiation_decrease_time: Define in seconds how often the player's contamination dissipates.
irradiation_decrease_points: Set the number of radiation points the player will lose when outside a contaminated area.
radiation_notif_change: Show and hide notifications in the chat when the radiation is changed.
radiation_kill: Enable and Disable by a simple ON/OFF if the player dies instantly when he receives the lethal dose of radioactivity. That is, the max dose you set.

🎨 Modular contamination gauge (HUD included).

You have the ability to modulate the HUD that everyone will have on your server via the management interface, which involves the HUD of all users of your server connected. What you see during your configuration is what all connected people will see. You will have the option to disable the HUD.

⚡ Optimization

My script is designed to run on a server, so it is thought and optimized to the maximum. It doesn't get heavy depending on the number of players connected. The system is dormant. It completely ignores the controls of players who are not in the zones and only works when players are in a zone. It saves a maximum of resources. I'm proud of this method and eager to apply it in my new systems. Zones are not spawned entities.

🧩 APIs for devs

player:Radiation() -- Returns the user's radiation rate. (Client + Server)
player:GetMaxRadiation() -- Returns the maximum limit that causes the character to die. (Client + Server)
player:addRadiation(add,text) -- Allows you to increase or decrease the player's radiation rate. (Server)
player:setRadiation(add) -- Allows you to directly set the user's radiation rate. (Server)


Installation: Download and Unzip the folder norda_radioactivity_system.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,

- Path : garrysmod/addons/ norda_radioactivity_system

Steam / Garry's Mod Workshop

- Gmod Content Workshop ID : 2962179909
- You can add this to a server-side Lua file : resource.AddWorkshop( 2962179909 )
- To add the gmod workshop resources to your collection : Gmod Radioactivity System + Radiation Zone [Content Only] | Gmod Workshop

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