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Changelog 3.3

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ver 3.3

Safezones Systems

"The SafeZone is a dynamic and customizable system that is real-time and persistent, modify its zone of action, block the use of weapons in the zone OR remove them from the user's inventory when they enter it OR disable the damage if you wish"

📌 Important facts

  • This is not a DLC.
  • It is a complete system in one.
  • No knowledge in scripting to know how to use it Fast, Spawn and Use.
  • Compatible with ULX and all other adminaddon using the same system
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Groups Since 21 january 2017
  • Suppressor of Npcs when they enter the Gmod safezone since update 2.0
  • Suppressor of Nextbots when they enter the Gmod safe-zone since update 3.1 (22 February 2021) 🎬 Test in Video

🚀 Presentation

Dynamic and customisable safety zone system. When you are inside, you cannot be killed by another player, and you cannot use your weapons. A message will appear on your HUD with a logo to indicate that you are in the safety zone, when you leave it, the logo turns red and indicates that you are outside and your protection disappears after 5 seconds. Timer of 5 seconds to receive the effects of the protection of the zone. To prevent abuse.

The time is configurable from the configuration file.

You can also use this system to delete Npcs that enter the safezone. Compatible also with Nextbot since update 3.1 (February 2021)

You have the option of activating a Weapon Removal Zone. Players who enter the zone will have their weapons removed, to do so activate or deactivate the weapons whitelist. To avoid accidental weapon or npcs deletions you can even choose by class name in the configuration file.

You don't need any skills to know how to use this script. This script is DRM free to work. Install it and it works.

Since update: 1.1.3

  • Add whitelist_weapons to being able to fire in the safe. Customisable
  • Include compatibility with ULX Admin Groups.

👑 Admin

Only Andmin can see the entities.

🌶️ Feature

  1. System of notification.
  2. Warning where you are Inside/Outside of the Area.
  3. Time to protection activation is now configurable in file called 'share.lua'
  4. NPCs Automatic Deleted when he entering the SafeZone can now be activate. (See config.lua)
  5. Whitelist Weapons System for weapons can be used in safezone. (See config.lua)
  6. BlacksList Weapons System for weapons can be used in safezone. (See config.lua)

💾 Persistence

  1. Included persistence System.
  2. Activated the Persistence easily, press 'USE' on the entitie to enable or disable the persistence.
  3. Safezone can not be remove if Peristence is enable since version 1.6

⚙️ Configuration file (screenshot in media)


☝️ FAQ

Q : Hello, how do i save the entities to the map so they stay when the server restarts?
A : Press 'Use' on the blue cube. That write 'Persistence Enabled'=activated or 'Persistence Disabled'=Disabled

Q : Hello, I have problem I can use the weapons in the safezone
A : Important part you can find in the config.lua line 44 complet your blacklist weapons or your whitelist. System is set by default on the blacklist. They are only the crowbar name inside the tab. If you can not firstly use the crowbar it's that work. Just complet it. Or use the whitelist and allow only weapons/Tools you want.

⌨️ Commands

- To remove the safezones: nordahl_safezone_cleanup
- To clean the persistance file: nordahl_safezone_persistancefile_cleanup
- Make the cubes invisible: Hidethecube

🌂 Tips

Tip to avoid leak of your scripts: How avoid the Leak of your scripts
Install an addon on Gmod: How install an addon on Gmod
Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop: Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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Safezones Systems

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