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Welcome on Originahl Script! Originahl Scripts is a serious and supervised work space where developers can sell their scripts dedicated for use on Garry's Mod servers(Gmod),
it is translated into two languages, French and English.

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I used to sell my scripts on the Gmodstore site, until I left as Nordahl, you probably knew me as Nordahl Scripts. Gmodstore still updates my nickname and avatar, without asking my opinion, but I'm not there anymore since 2017 for total independence, and peace of mind.


Scripts for your Gmod servers

After purchase, scripts are automatic and instantly delivered to your inventory.

From your first purchase, you get the status of buyer, the status are visible below your nickname on your profile, in your messages and the list of members.

📌 With the guarantee of having a technical support with a system of ticket support simple and intuitive only for customers.

Gmod Script Store

Offer coffee

Offer a coffee (Donation)

Satisfied? Offer a small coffee a return, it motivates a lot, you can leave a support message at the same time, the author will be notified in real time and your message will be permanently recorded.
The coffees offered can be combined and the Top10 of donors is automatically updated.

📌 You can consult the list of donors here

Who has ever offered coffee?


Get a Zworld server

Get your powerful Zworld Afterlife server for the price of a simple sandbox server, Zworld is a gamemode scripted on garry's mod. You have nothing to code or the need to know how to code.

Complete range of modes designed for optimization. Don't lose your players during endless loading.
Some Screenshots here : Screenshots
More information on how to administer and animate a Zworld Afterlife server, go to Wiki > Server management or Join the cool Discord.

Get a server

Content you will find on the website

Two Homes, one French Home and one English Home.
Two forums. One forum for Francophone and one forum for the Anglophones community.

A Gmod Scripts Marketplace where you can find Mods, Scripts & Addons for your servers GMod.
A Official complete documentation written in two languages on the use of the site written by the author himself. For the documentation of the addons, go to the product sheet of the addon.
A profile area with each user's stats and a list of their scripts created.
A support ticket space.
A to-do-list allowing the author to inform the progress of the objectives on the development of the project.
There's no room for laziness, I've worked hard. You will find History of all updates sorted by year.
A cool donation system, when our loyal members is satisfied and feels like buying the author a cup of coffee. Here you will find the list of his users.







And some good tips and tools to maintain security and keep your Garry's mod servers performing well.

Are you looking for a healthy workspace for Garry's mod, relaxed and unbiased? You have found.
Read the documentation to answer your questions or ask directly on the forum.
Friendly regards,

Profile Presentaton of David (NordaHL Script known as a dev on Gmodstore in 2015)


🎨 Author/Developer