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🔨 Changelog

Changelog of Gmod Loot Furniture Designer

All updates to the "Gmod Loot Furniture Designer" addon listed here.

📅 Version 3.2 Released 1692617617 ago

✔️ Patch
Corrects the Lua error when you set a lock and you don't have a keys and locks script or a lockpick script.
📅 Version 3.1 Released 1691364518 ago

🚀 Added:
+Added a random locking system after each reboot with which you can choose the chance between 0% and 100%.
+Add Compatibility with the new addon: Gmod Key and Lock System v 1.3+, which allows you to lock and assign a type of lock for a specific type of key from the list of keys available.
+Added a button for deleting furniture in a category from the database without deleting its configuration.
📅 Version 3.0 Released 1681761801 ago

✔️ Patched :
Corrects the item counter at the top of the cabinet panel.
Fixed some problems with items not arriving in the order displayed in the inventory.

🧱 Improved :
Improvement of the icon generation system. When Items Pack is installed. Even if you choose 2D models and display 3D icons it will display the 2D model if the 3D model is not specified.
📅 Version 2.9 Released 1680299569 ago

🧱 Improved:
Fixes a performance problem when you put 200 weapons in the cabinet the creation of automatic missing icons requires a lot of resources. This process is now smoother.
📅 Version 2.8 Released 1680272673 ago

🧱 Improved :
Link with Items Pack System for bonus features that make life easier. It simplifies adding items to the merchant without the need to spawn items and weapons nearby.
📅 Version 2.7 Released 1678286539 ago

🚀 Added:
- You have the possibility to block the entity drop to the floor from the furniture. Some servers may want to optimise their server as much as possible by blocking this feature. This is allowed by the variable: cfg.Drop_Lock in the configuration file.

cfg.Drop_Lock = 0
-- 0 = User can drop on the ground.
-- 1 = User can not drop the loot from a furniture.

🧱 Improved:
- If you have enabled 3D icon mode then the 2D icons in my Entities Pack will no longer display a grey cube for 2D models.
📅 Version 2.6 Released 1677881853 ago

🧱 Improved :
Upgrade of the functionality linked to the variable: Show_Icon.

Before Show_Icon on 0 only displayed 3D models. So 2D objects were displayed instead as a big cube. This has been solved. You can mix the two. 3D models will have 3D icons and non-model objects will have their 2D icons.

cfg.Show_Icon=0 --0 = Show 3D model and 2D icons when there is no 3D model, 1 = Show entity icon
📅 Version 2.5 Released 1677878351 ago

🧱 Improved :
Improvement of the blacklist system. Items blacklisted in the inventory system can no longer be stored from a cupboard into the inventory.
📅 Version 2.4 Released 1674694393 ago

✔️ Patched :
Patch the activation message.

If you don't have any worries, you can ignore this update, it is a correction of the folder names.
📅 Version 2.3 Released 1670942018 ago

✔️ Patched :
The entity deletion problem related to persistence is solved
📅 Version 2.2 Released 1669048243 ago

🚀 Optimization :
Reduction of the size of the script source code. Removed 2 folders and 3 files.
📅 Version 2.1 Released 1666398080 ago

✔️ Patched :
Fixes the collision problem
📅 Version 2.0 Released 1666396207 ago

🚀 Added :
Added variable in config file : cfg.Inventory_DirectStore Which allows you to disable the display of direct storage in the inventory when it is not installed.
📅 Version 1.9 Released 1665759733 ago

🚀 Added :
We can directly store items from the furniture inventory in the player's inventory from the interface without spawn anything in game (Optimization +++ Because interacting with objects that don't physically exist allows the engine not to manage them).

✔️ Patched :
Patched when the counters of the stacked objects were not working.
📅 Version 1.8 Released 1662514010 ago

🧱 Improved :
The name of the items is now displayed. If the name is nil, you will see the class name of the stored entity.
📅 Version 1.7 Released 1660578251 ago

🧱 Improved :
Takes into account the maximum pocket limit of the darkrp
📅 Version 1.6 Released 1660348574 ago

🚀 Added :
Added a variable to store directly in the DarkRP pocket system.

cfg.DarkRP_Pocket=0 --0 = OFF, 1 = Show the menu Store in DarkRP Pocket
📅 Version 1.5 Released 1659662888 ago

🚀 Added :
Added a persistence button to block furniture from being deleted by other systems. It is enabled by default. You just have to switch it to OFF to be able to delete furniture on your map.

Added a button to convert props on the map equal to the model of the selected entity into movable furniture.

Replaced some sliders with a manual add menu.
📅 Version 1.4 Released 1659568453 ago

✔️ Patched :
Corrects model persistence after a reboot. (When a grey cube appears instead of the furniture model)
📅 Version 1.3 Released 1659396289 ago

🚀 Added :
Added when the user looks at the container he will be informed that it is searchable by a message that will be displayed smoothly. "Press USE to search"

Add Variable cfg.Hide_Press_Use in configuration file. 0 = keep active this. 1 = Disable the message on the HUD.
📅 Version 1.2 Released 1659367749 ago

🧱 Improved :
When the setting of a type of lootable furniture is deleted, all those already placed are deleted.
📅 Version 1.1 Released 1659035452 ago

🚀 Added :
Add the workshop ressources pack
📅 Version 1.0 Released 1659018213 ago

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