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🔨 Changelog

Changelog of Gmod Scoreboard Editable

All updates to the "Gmod Scoreboard Editable" addon listed here.

📅 Version 2.7 Released 1680709384 ago

🚀 Added :
+Compatibility with my new script: Gmod Karma System which allows to display the reputation of the player or the character in the scoreboard and the rank linked to the reputation. (Good > Bad)
+Possibility of Tri added according to the reputation of the player or the character.
📅 Version 2.6 Released 1669065614 ago

🚀 Added : Trade and Sell items from the scoreboard if Gmod Items Trading and Selling System is installed. If you have enabled the remote trade option then you can initiate a trade request with another user by clicking on their name in the scoreboard.
📅 Version 2.5 Released 1666956555 ago

🚀 Added :
Added button to hide the F4 menu when you don't need it.

Variable added in the configuration file:
cfg.Hide_F4_button=0 // 0 = Draw, 1 = Hide F4 Button
📅 Version 2.4 Released 1653488458 ago

✔️ Patched :
Patch the Lua error on the client side, when you use the administration actions from the scoreboard

🧱 Improved :
Compatibility with Nor Admin Mod when installed. Administration actions can be done directly from the scoreboard by clicking on the player.
📅 Version 2.3 Released 1639691227 ago

🚀 Added :
Scoreboard displaying the level of the players via a leveling system. Work also on DarkRP or without gamemodes.

Added a variable to hide the job categories in the scoreboard. In the config file find : cfg.Hide_Categorie_listing = 0
📅 Version 2.2 Released 1638280469 ago

The update 2.2 of this addon - Gmod Scoreboard Editor - allow to hide the DarkRP jobs name of the users from the scoreboard. For those who want to put forward the anti meta gaming.

🚀 Added :
In the config file added the possibility to Hide the DarkRP job name of the users from the tabmenu. This is useful if you want a Roleplay without meta-gaming elements.

In the config file find :
cfg.Hide_jobs_list = 0 //0 = Show jobs name in the scoreboard, 1 = Hide DarkRP jobs in the scoreboard
📅 Version 2.1 Released 1627301200 ago

🧱 Improved :
Add category, only Vip display only VIP members
Tab Visibility is now compatible with my future administration system

🚀 Added :
If my administration system is installed you can click on the players' names to apply administration actions on them.
📅 Version 2.0 Released 1626101728 ago

🧱 Improved :
Panel is now responsive. If the panel is larger than the resolution, the size is automatically recalculated so that the scoreboard takes the size of the resolution.
📅 Version 1.9 Released 1620351067 ago

🧱 Improved :
When the SetSpawn admin function is applied to a player it respawns to apply the change.
📅 Version 1.8 Released 1620146901 ago

🚀 Added :
In config file the variable default_panel_draw.

default_panel_draw=1 //Defaut 1 = Open the panel of the first button on the left

📅 Version 1.7 Released 1619195268 ago

🚀 Added :
Add SetTeam : Change the Job of a user, Generate the list of Job, sorted per categories of Job
SetMoney : Give or Remove Money of Users
Invisibility : Make the weapons and the player Invisible / Visible
📅 Version 1.6 Released 1619098581 ago

🚀 Added :
Add Spectate / UnSpectate
Add Cleanup Entities of the user / Or All entities

🧱 Improved :
Create and add new icons
Reduction of the file size
📅 Version 1.5 Released 1617657133 ago

🚀 Added :
Add variable to customise the fonts : cfg.custom_fonts="Trebuchet24"
📅 Version 1.4 Released 1617155076 ago

🚀 Added :
+ Return to its original position, After a teleportation you can turn the user to his original position.
+ Give Weapons, give a weapon or tool to a user. Click and the list appears.
+ Tab Visibility : Become invisible in the scoreboard. The players do not see you in the scoreboard. Useful for silent administration, or playing.

🧱 Improved :
+ Goto, Bring, Teleportation : The players appear face to face after a teleportation of one of its three commands. The return position is also memorized.
+ Add some icons
📅 Version 1.3 Released 1617059252 ago

🚀 Added :
+We can release the menu tab button while we perform actions in the Scoreboard (Suggestion by [LN] Tuski ⚡)
+Allow you to choose the amount of HP you want to give back to the players (Suggestion by [LN] Tuski ⚡)
📅 Version 1.2 Released 1617056082 ago

🚀 Added :
+Admin Command to reset the colors setting of the scoreboard : nord_scoreboard_color_reset
+Add variable in config file :
cfg.keep_tab_pressed=1 //0 = You can released and press againt to close, 1 = Keep Pressed to maintain the scoreboard open
📅 Version 1.1 Released 1616974671 ago

🧱 Improved :
The users download the image only one time. Even for the futurs sessions. Image is stored in folder : data / nordahl_scoreboardeditor
Call the F4 Panel from the interface (for some gamemode with F4 button disabled or as shortcut)

🚀 Added :
Write the reason of kick in a panel
Select the number of damage point with the admin's action
Create a pack content only for the workshop for the icons.
📅 Version 1.0 Released 1616919844 ago

Initial version
Gmod Addon

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