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📖 Version 2.4

Question 1: Where to find the Area-restrictor?
In the spawnmenu, a category entity, Nordahl Scripts
Question 2: How to enable the peristance?
From the menu click on the button Persistence.
Question 3: I placed the two points how to activate the system?
From the menu click on the button Active.
You will have the choice between two modes,
The Mode 1=Authorization system normal, all of those who are in the list are allowed to enter the area.
The Mode 2=Approval system is reversed, all people who are in the list can not enter the area.

Choose the modes appropriate to your need.
Question 4: The black screen during the teleport annoys me. Is it possible to make it last for less time than 8 seconds?
Yes. Drag the slider and choose the time of the blackscreen.
Question 5: How to remove an entry?
From the menu, and the right panel made simply right-click on the line you want to delete
Question 6: I would like to give temporary access to a player, and choose the duration of this access it is possible?
Yes, to do this go to the tab -tempo access-, click "players online", select the player and choose the duration.
Question 7: What is color?
When you first enter the area restricted and you do not have permission to enter you get a black screen and a message that is displayed, the color, you can give a theme that matches your message.
Question 8: Why have a system of message?
This helps warn the player if he has goals to achieve, for example, or simply to tell him the reason, it is more attractive than messages floating, and more optimized because it only appears when you are inside. So you gained fps and it does not destroy the immersion with a message floating.
Question 9: I'm not in the list but when I enable the Mode 2 I am still rejected
Don't forget the mode 2 is the inverse of the mode 1, remove the rank ulx and the rank donor, because if you let the rank admin the admin will not have access.
Question 10:What is a right -master-?
The -master- is the master of the area, it has access to a panel dotn which he can only give temporary access. Only admins and superadmins can définirs, this can be a specific player, a group ulx and why not another rank of directors.
The master can open a menu when he is in his zone: !ar_giveaccess for which it may add the temporary access to the players.
Question 11: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 12: I have a problem, people when they are in their vehicles they can pass the area.
This is not a problem, go to the file config.lua and find the value Vehicle_Pass=1
1=The player in the vehicle may pass through the area-restrictor
0=The player may not cross the area in a vehicle.
Problem 13: I can't remove the cubes it is normal?
Don't forget to disable of the persistence, it is a security.
Problem 14: There is a way to delete the message when you join the server?
Yes in the file config.lua find the lineChat_Notification Replace 1(activé) by 0 to disable.
Question 15: How to hide / display white cubes?
Since version 2.3, open the menu of any cube and go to options or use the following commands.

area_restrictor_show : To display all (keep in mind that users do not see them)

area_restrictor_hide : To hide all

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