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Area Restrictor

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Select the jobs can not enter in the areaWrite the message why the user can not go inside the areaArea Restrictor languages selectionsZone locked for some jobsIf you can not add a jobs you can add the steamid of the usersEdit the job who can manage a area and add usersTwo way to work. A blacklist of jobs or a Whitelist for jobsSelect the jobs who can access or be refusedI create Area Restrictor was create firstly for GmodstoreYou can also set the access for ULX rank like VIP by exampleGive a temporary access for a user and select the timeYou can find the Area Restrictor in the spawn menuDetect directly the users connected to add themThe user go inside will be teleported outside with a smooth black screen and the reason you editedEnable and Disable the system with a simple buttonReserve the access of area for the jobs you wantChoose the job who can manage the access of the area

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🎯 Description

ver 2.8

Description of Area Restrictor

"Area Restrictor is a system for editing areas not accessible by certain users, ULX or Job rank can be used to allow access to it"

🚀 Presentation

I was inspired by my system of safezone and some suggestions. Made to block access from places simply and immediately. With a filtering system editable in real-time. You can edit the warning message, how long it shows, it's color and entering exceptions.

How to use it?
You can create a volume that restrains the access of a place whose you defined by moving two point, nothing easier. The authorisations are configurable in real-time without any need to reboot the server.

Create a zone accessible depending of :
The job, the user with his SteamID, the ULX rank, of is status (VIP, Donator, etc.) Everything is done by the in-game interface. No need to know coding. You can manually choose the teleportation location when someone tries to enter but is not authorised. Temporary Access System: Select the zones' masters, they are configured by the admin by right-clicking on the job in the table or on the player. He will have the opportunity to choose if the player or the job is the master of this zone. The zone's master will be able to give temporary access to other players. To be able to do that he will need to be in the zone and will have to type the command !ra_giveaccess on the chat or in the console ra_giveaccess for the temporary access panel to open. Any other possible use?

You can also use the system for :
-Transforming it to a teleportation zone. To move a player to another precise point.
-Creating zones that blocks players depending of their jobs, for example, A police office only accessible to the police. And there is many other possible use that I know you'll think about.

Administrating made easier :
With the system you won't have to always move a player to somewhere he shouldn't be or always warning them to not go to a place.

With the system, when a player tries to enter an unauthorised zone, he'll be teleported outside with a message that you wrote in the zone's configuration. Accessing the configuration panel easily😛ress the "use" button to access the zone's configuration panel.

Win time and keep your admins for other things: Placing a floating text whose text is "Do not enter" won't work if there isn't an admin, he won't care about it, but with the system, even if he don't care, he won't be able to enter.

Demo of the Temporary Access System in a second video : On YOUTUBE

📌 Important facts

  • No need knowledge.
  • Compatible with all gamemodes and maps.
  • This is not a DLC, it is a complete script and independent of my others.
  • There is no need to know lua to use it, reading the tutorials allow you to discover all of it's potential.
  • Compatible with ULX ranks and other administrative addons.
  • The system works automatically. when configured you can forget about it and let it run. It is not possible to accidentally delete the restrained zone. You can use, without any apprehension, Gmod's cleanup button.
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Since 21 january 2017.

⚙️ Panel & Tools

  1. Complete Management PanelAlready translated into 20 languages you can permanently set in the panel's options. (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
  2. Edit the text
  3. Edit the color
  4. Edit the time
  5. Button to Activate/Desactivate the system
  6. Button to Activate/Desactivate the Persistance
  7. Remove
  8. Panel to manage the autorisation for the Jobs for DarkRP
  9. Panel to manage the autorisation for the Players
  10. Panel to manage the autorisation for the Ulx Rank and all other admin system
  11. Panel to manage the temporaty autorisation
  12. The Admin-Eyes tool will allow you to see the retrained zones on the map.

💾 Persistence

  1. My persistence system is included with this script.
  2. Configurations are saved, you can restart your server and everything will be kept.
  3. You can toggle the persistence with a simple button.

⚙️ Console commands

  1. Tired of picking up commands here? Then use this Scripts Command Center All commands is pre configured in one unique customizable interface
  2. Access the config panel of the last visited zone(You must press use on the last cube) : area_restrictor_open
  3. Deactivate all restricted zones without removing them : area_restrictor_disable_all
  4. (Re)Activate the zones : area_restrictor_enable_all
  5. Cleanup of the persistance file : area_restrictor_persistancefile_cleanup
  6. Delete all zones : area_restrictor_cleanup
  7. Admin-Eyes to see all zones on all the maps : area_restrictor_admineyes
  8. To give access for a simple player : ar_giveaccess

📌 Chat commands

If you are in the area and want give a temporary access of a player and chose the time type in your chat : !ar_giveaccess

🌂 Tips

Installation :
Unzip the folder nordahl_area_restrictor.zip Install the addon in the addons file of your Gmod server,
Path : garrysmod/addons/ nordahl_area_restrictor

Tip to avoid leak of your addon: How avoid the Leak of your scripts
How Install an addon on Gmod? : How install an addon on Gmod
How Publish an addon on the Gmod workshop? : Documentation how create a content pack to publish on the workshop?

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Area Restrictor

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