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Player Spawn Point Editor 4.1

Player Spawn Point Editor 4.1


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⭐️ Reviews :★★★★★
5/5 based on 75 reviews
💎 Sales :1275
📅 Published :3 years
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🍄 Version :version 4.1
🛡️ DRM :Yes

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#Admin #Entities #Management #Allgamemode #DarkRP #Gmod

🌍 Languages : English, Français, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
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David (NordaHL)

steamid64 : 76561198033784269

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Update 4.1

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⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
Hello @Lord Captain Paradox

I listed all reason in a little docs : Solutions to known issues
I use this link to help and the solution is always found. Contact me for personalized support by opening a ticket.

Best regards,
Commented: 3 hours ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar Lord Captain ParadoxBuyer
I installed the script and rebooted the server but the server does not show up in activationCommented: 4 hours ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
Hello check this link this script is protected by a DRM, I explain how enable it with 4 simple steps : https://originahl-scripts.com/en/help/activate-a-script-on-gmodCommented: 6 days ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar Sneaky
so I bought this for my friend he owns a server and the spawn cubes do not work at allCommented: 6 days ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
I should be able to fix it in 4 hours.Commented: 1 week ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
Hello, one of my sites hosted by my host Online.net is currently inaccessible without any real reason. This site provides my DRM system. Several reports have already been made to me by my clients so don't worry. It doesn't depend on my will, you have to wait for my host to solve this problem. If the problem persists in the next two days I will change host because it is not the first time. Sorry for the inconvenience. It does not depend on my skills but only on the reliability of my host. Thank you for your understanding.

You can check the status of the DRM if the problem persists on this link: http://drm.originahl-scripts.com/status-of-service
Commented: 1 week ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar [LG] シ Made in GermanyBuyer
Hey, the player spawn point editor won't work at my server but i dont know why...

Error in the server consol:
[ERROR] 1966:1: unexpected symbol near '<'
1. unknown - addons/nordahl_spawnpoint_manager_all_gamemode/lua/entities/job_spawn_point/init.lua:534

And there appears no server in the activation dashboard..
Commented: 1 week ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
Yes it was confirmed. :)Commented: 1 year ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar hubertkenobiBuyer
Already received it on my list. Did you receive the Paypal payment?
Thank you.
Commented: 1 year ago
⚙️👤 Steam ProfilAvatar David (NordaHL)Author
I did not receive paypal's request, maybe it will arrive later but I confirm everything is ok for you. I'm validating this manually. Let me know in private if it's okay with you. Thank you for your report. :)Commented: 1 year ago
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