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๐Ÿ“– Version 2.8

Question 1: Where to find the entity?
Go to Category Entities/Nordahl Scripts and simply click on it
Question 2: How to imagine the Safe-Zone?
Place two cubes in each corner to create a volume.
Question 3: When I reboot my server, the SafeZone disappears how sauvgearder?
Simply enable the persistence in pressing -E- on the cube. A notification will appear on the HUD.
Question 4: Is it that players can move the cubes with their physgun?
No, only admins can move the cubes.
Question 5: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 6: Hide the notification?
Find ZSS_HUDN_NOTIF in the file config.lua:ZSS_HUDN_NOTIF=1 replace 1 by 0.
Question 7: Is it that I can change the duration of activation of the protection instead of the 5 seconds by default?
Find ENT.TimeBeforeProtection in the file config.lua. And replace the number 5 by the one you need. This is the number in seconds of the activation time.
Question 8: About the weapons in the Safezone?
Find ENT.Use_SZWeapon in the file config.lua:
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=0 (Everyone can use their weapons in the safezone)
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=1 (Using the WhiteList of Weapons)
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=2 (Use the black list of weapons)
Question 9: How to add weapons in the blacklist and the whitelist?
Find Nordahl_SZ_Whitelist_weapons2 & Nordahl_SZ_Blacklist_weapons2 in the file config.lua:
In a few examples:
Nordahl_SZ_Whitelist_weapons2={'gmod_tool','gmod_camera','weapon_physgun','',''} --Add here the weapons that can be used in the safezone
Nordahl_SZ_Blacklist_weapons2={'weapon_crowbar','',''} --Add here the weapons that can't be used in the safezone
Question 10: I would like the Npcs in the safezone disappear is this possible?
Yes. Find ENT.SafeZoneNPCDeleted in the file config.lua:
0= Deletion automated, disabled.
1= The Npcs will be removed when it enters the area.
Question 11: (Spherical system) How spawn the safezone?
Go to Category Entities/Nordahl Scripts and simply click on it.
Question 12: (Spherical system) How it work?
Everyone who enters the area will be protected. If you are admin by pressing -E- on the cube, a menu will open that allow you to manage the size of the area, the color of the area, the persistence, to hide small details visible
Question 13: (Spherical system) How to choose the size of the area?
In the menu of the cube made, just drag the cursor
Question 14: (Spherical system) When I reboot my server, the SafeZone disappears how save it?
Simply enable the persistence from the menu of the cube:
Question 15: (Spherical system) When I edit my Safezone and at reboot it does not save.
After each change, don't forget to disable the persistence and re-enable it, the backup is done at the same time.
Question 16: How do I activate mode 2? For player weapons to be removed from their inventory when they enter the zone?
For the spheric system, you can do it from its interface(gif), for the cubic system Press " USE " a second time
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