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ico Wiki of SafeZone Addons v2.7

Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 3 years
Last update : 11 months

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Question 1: Where to find the entity?
Go to Category Entities/Nordahl Scripts and simply click on it
Question 2: How to imagine the Safe-Zone?
Place two cubes in each corner to create a volume.
Question 3: When I reboot my server, the SafeZone disappears how sauvgearder?
Simply enable the persistence in pressing -E- on the cube. A notification will appear on the HUD.
Question 4: Is it that players can move the cubes with their physgun?
No, only admins can move the cubes.
Question 5: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 6: Hide the notification?
Find ZSS_HUDN_NOTIF in the file config.lua:ZSS_HUDN_NOTIF=1 replace 1 by 0.
Question 7: Is it that I can change the duration of activation of the protection instead of the 5 seconds by default?
Find ENT.TimeBeforeProtection in the file config.lua. And replace the number 5 by the one you need. This is the number in seconds of the activation time.
Question 8: About the weapons in the Safezone?
Find ENT.Use_SZWeapon in the file config.lua:
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=0 (Everyone can use their weapons in the safezone)
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=1 (Using the WhiteList of Weapons)
ENT.Use_SZWeapon=2 (Use the black list of weapons)
Question 9: How to add weapons in the blacklist and the whitelist?
Find Nordahl_SZ_Whitelist_weapons2 & Nordahl_SZ_Blacklist_weapons2 in the file config.lua:
In a few examples:
Nordahl_SZ_Whitelist_weapons2={'gmod_tool','gmod_camera','weapon_physgun','',''} --Add here the weapons that can be used in the safezone
Nordahl_SZ_Blacklist_weapons2={'weapon_crowbar','',''} --Add here the weapons that can't be used in the safezone
Question 10: I would like the Npcs in the safezone disappear is this possible?
Yes. Find ENT.SafeZoneNPCDeleted in the file config.lua:
0= Deletion automated, disabled.
1= The Npcs will be removed when it enters the area.
Question 11: (Spherical system) How spawn the safezone?
Go to Category Entities/Nordahl Scripts and simply click on it.
Question 12: (Spherical system) How it work?
Everyone who enters the area will be protected. If you are admin by pressing -E- on the cube, a menu will open that allow you to manage the size of the area, the color of the area, the persistence, to hide small details visible
Question 13: (Spherical system) How to choose the size of the area?
In the menu of the cube made, just drag the cursor
Question 14: (Spherical system) When I reboot my server, the SafeZone disappears how save it?
Simply enable the persistence from the menu of the cube:
Question 15: (Spherical system) When I edit my Safezone and at reboot it does not save.
After each change, don't forget to disable the persistence and re-enable it, the backup is done at the same time.