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Loot Spawn Point Editor 2.5

Loot Spawn Point Editor 2.5


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📅 Published :2 years
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🍄 Version :version 2.5
🛡️ DRM :Yes

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#Admin #Gameplay #Entities #Management #Allgamemode #DarkRP #Gmod

🌍 Languages : English, Français, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
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David (NordaHL)

steamid64 : 76561198033784269

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Use my system to edit the spawns of loot on your maps having also the choice on the rate of chance of spawn, and also the ability to choose the time of the reloot between 5 seconds to 1 hour, once you have everything placed all works in an automated way. As a bonus, my system can also spawn npcs. If you put multiple objects in the list of the spawn point it will choose randomly from this list. Everything that is spawnable in the category of entity may be added to the if. How does this function?

  • You just need to spawn the cube, and press "USE" to access the menu.
  • Add entities in the list of the spawner to the right, there are two methods to do so.

The first method you write the name of the entity and validate, the line then appears in the list, note that you can copy the name of the entity since the spawnmenu with right-click on it. And paste.

The second method is more simple, I created a system for entity detection around the spawner.You place your item next to the spawn point you open the menu of the spawner and you click detect and it will then show you all the objects around him. Select the object that you want to add to the list of spawner. Once added the object to the ground will automatically remove.

  1. Activate the system by choosing his time to reloot. Because by default it is on stop.Note that the option 5 Seconds is useful for your tests. If the object created by the spawner still exists, then no new object will respawnera this is a trick that allows to avoid the flood, and having too many object on the ground.
  2. Adjust the rate of chance of the spawn, by default it is at 100%, you can spawn a rare item and set the rate to spawn in the 10% chance, finally, this is only an example, the choice goes from 0 to 100%.
  3. And for you to organize my system included the Admin-Eyes, a kind of ESP for Administrators that allows you to see all the spawn points on the map with the icons and names that you have assigned. This allows you to have a view on your work and also allows you to work cohesively with your team.
  4. The nordahl_loot_finder is a detection system of spawn, because the customers can't see them. The if can be disable from the config.file.lua 0|1.
    When he types the command !loot_finder in the chat it will display in metres the distance of the spawn closer to you. The distance is also configurable in the config.file system.
  5. Since the version 1.9 (august 2018) It is now possible to disable the automatic boot generation(automatic loot is called mode : 0.
    A secondary mode a was added for force spawn to generate a loot only when the player press " Use " (E by default), called mode 1. Read question 10 in the wiki to know how change the mode.

Note : The system does not yet allow the spawn of the vehicles. I meditate a little before doing so.

📌 Important facts

  • No need knowledge.
  • Compatible with all gamemodes and maps.
  • This is not a DLC, it is a complete script and independent of my others.
  • There is no need to know lua to use it, reading all allow you to discover all of it's potential.
  • Compatible with ULX ranks and other administrative addons.
  • The system works automatically. when configured you can forget about it and let it run. It is not possible to accidentally delete the spawn when its enabled.
  • You can use, without any apprehension, Gmod's cleanup button.
  • Compatible with ServerGuard Since 22 january 2017.
  • Not for vehicles.
  • Can also be used for Npcs.

⚙️ Panel & Tools

  1. Complete Management PanelAlready translated into 20 languages you can permanently set in the panel's options. (Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
  2. Edit the name
  3. Choose the logo of spawn
  4. Edit the color
  5. Edit the time cycle of the spawn
  6. Edit the list of loot & Npcs,
  7. Button to Activate/Desactivate the system
  8. Button to Activate/Desactivate the Persistance
  9. Button to Hide/Show all spawn
  10. Button to Activate/Desactivate the Admin Eyes (The Admin-Eyes tool will allow you to see all the spawn on the map like an ESP with there name and logo you set when you created.)
  11. Dupplicate
  12. Remove
  13. Panel to manage the Entities (Loot/Item)
  14. Panel to manage the Npcs
  15. Loot Finder for the clients
  16. Config file

💾 Persistence

  1. My persistence system is included with this script.
  2. Configurations are saved, you can restart your server and everything will be kept.
  3. You can toggle the persistence with a simple button from the panel.
  4. Command to Remove all point on the map : nordahl_entspawnpoint_cleanup

⚙️ Console commands

  1. Tired of picking up commands here? Then use this Scripts Command Center All commands is pre configured in one unique customizable interface.
  2. Deactivate all restricted zones without removing them : area_restrictor_disable_all
  3. Spawn without panel (for gamemodes dont have spawnmenu) : spawn_ent_spawn_point
  4. To be able to edit the point when the mode 1 is enabled : nordahl_lootspawn_edit 1
    1 = edit mode enable, 0 = disabled

📌 Chat commands

Detection of point in your chat: !loot_finder

☝️ FAQ

Q : "I intend to sort my entities by function ( food, meds, weapons, ... ), is it possible to spawn an entity randomly among all the lists?"
A : "Yes the system spawn randomly if there are several entities in the list"

Q : "I would like to know also if it is possible to configure the timing for a new entity spawn ( the goal being to spawn an entity completely random 15 minutes after it was taken )."
A : "Yes you choose the time you want. All this from the interface."

Q : "Compatible for vehicle?"
A : "No."

Q : "What map I use in my screenshot and video?"
A : "This is gm_susquehanna"

ℹ️ About

⚠️ How avoid the Leak of your scripts :
- Never share your server access codes when a developer asks you for help. It's, most of the time, only to see your addons and steal or leak them to harm their competitors, because they have no respect for poeple other than themselves. A good dev who knows what he's selling he doesn't need your FTP access. I will never ask you for your access codes or any passwords, I have no need for them.
- To Leak the author's jobs is to destroy their work and prevent their scripts from becoming even better. Thanks do not bring food on the table.
- By using the leaked scripts on the other sites you are exposed to the malware, virus, backdoor, you have an outdated version not optimized and not fixed to the updates of Garry's mod, I always update my scripts. Keep in mind when something is free it is that it is you the product.
- The majority of people who leak other people's script have a need for recognition and power. Don't give them the recognition they need.
- The use of the leaked versions of my scripts for the business context is strongly discouraged.
- With the DRM you can see the servers who use your scripts stolen and report them without be banned.

👍 About me and this job :
- I am attentive, responsive and serious, maybe too much for some platform. I have projects, a family and responsibilities. What's good for you is good for me. I create everything myself and work allows me to live, my scripts are the result of research and discussion with alot of my customers. Ideas are not stolen to made money, my scripts are mostly the first in their style each time. I have a lot of respect for creative coders.
- Dont trust me, believe my buyers who are also the ones who contribute to improvements and translations.
- Do not duplicate.
- No Refund when it's downloaded, read the rule about it. The scripts I put here are used on my 13 servers before and tested. Maybe somewhere else you don't, but here I believe in your seriousness.