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ver 1.6

Two Compass Systems

"The compass is a navigational instrument for connected users consisting of a needle that aligns with the north position of the map. It thus indicates North. Compatible with all Gamemode in Gmod, Sandbox, DarkRP, MilitaryRP, TTT,and more"

🚀 Presentation

This is the compass of Zworld-Afterlife. a game mode that I've been developing since 2012. I made it an exportable version compatible with all other addons, it can be spawned as an object or simply included in the HUD as part of gameplay. That's why I call it Two Compass Systems.

It is a realistic and dynamic Compass with a floating needle. It displays on the HUD.

🌶️ Feature

  • A compass showing the directions in a dynamic way.

⚙️ Options
  • Some Custom Option Editable here: nordahl_compassluaautorunnordahl_compass_system.lua

NordCOMPASS.PERMA_IN_HUD=0 --0= I need Compass In my inventory to see the compass(Realistic) 1=The compass is displayed in permanent to the HUD by default. No need the compass in the inventory.
NordCOMPASS.USeWorkshopContent=1 --If you dont have a fastdownload you can use workshop content (1 Enable "I want use workshop" / 0 Disable "I prefer use my fastdl"🙂

📌 Use

  1. When you pick up the compass, she appears in your inventory.
  2. Select it like a weapon.
  3. When you selected it the display appears.
  4. You can also drop it by right-clicking when you have it equipped in your hand.
  5. The display disappears when you take another weapon in your hand.
Since 28/november/2015 You can also spawn the compass in your inventory in gmod menu and weapons list.
🌂 Tips

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Two Compass Systems

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