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Nor Admin Mod for GMod

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Norda Creator

I don't know enough about SAM | Admin Mod #1 - GmodStore as far as optimisation is concerned. But my system is planned to fit in a very small file. :)

57kb on the client side, 31kb server side. Its ultra light. There is no unnecessary overhead. No loop that sends requests every second for version control.

The systems known today are on average in the 1500ko range (The size of my gamemode Zworld with all features includes) and mostly not thought to be optimized. Both in bandwidth and in CPU.
I thought of my system because I have requirements for my own servers.

About database porting. I don't do that. There are always systems of administrations coming and going. They all end up being abandoned one day so I made my system online and kept it up to date.
Commented: 1657026550 ago
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[UN] F3LP0X 🎁 Buyer

Hello, is it possible to trasnfer the data from SAM admin mod into this one? Is it more optimised than SAM or its just the same as it? (Because this looks much better in features, but SAM has a very good optimisation too)
Commented: 1657025691 ago
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