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Scripts Command Center 1.0

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🍄 Version :version 1.0
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NordaHL (Zworld-dev)

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Version 1.0

Question 1: Then see an example of use on a random script?
In this example I'opens the script job whitelist without typing command just by clicking on a button
Question 2: How to create the basis of a category?
Dans le panneau : "+ Create a new group of Commands" give it a name and press the Enter key
Question 3: How do I assign a single command to a button?
In the panel : "Add Commands" Name the future button and assign a command
Question 4: HHow to remove a button in a category?
In the bottom panel click on the Red Cross on the line of the button to be deleted
Question 5: How do I delete a category?
In the bottom panel :
Question 6: How do I access the configuration file to deactivate the F2 key?
The configuration file is in this location : addons/nordahl_scripts_command_center/lua/autorun/nordahl_scripts_command_center_config.lua
Set the variable "F1_F2_F3_F4" to 0 line 9
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