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Event Planning Editor 2.8

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📅 Published :3 years
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🍄 Version :version 2.8
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NordaHL (Zworld-dev)

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Wiki / FAQ

Version 2.8

Question 1: would like to change the time format 24h by 12AM/PM
From the panel, go in the option and made your choice.
Question 2: How to Reset the planning?
From the panel, go in the option:
Question 3: About the Notifier in the HUD I want it to only display when there is an Event in court is it possible?
Yes, you have several choices, to display the bar of event in the HUD:
1. Only when you open the context menu
2. Only when there is an event in progress
3. Display permanently
4. Off, the HUD will be clean but the player will have to type in the chat: !event to display the planning for the read.

Question 4: How to interpret the notifier HUD?
It is very simple, the left column announces that there is currently, the right-hand column indicates the future in the next hour. This allows for players to prepare
Question 5: We have multiple admins can we all write at the same time in the planning?
Question 6: Players can see the planning without the change?
The player will have to type in the chat: !event pour afficher le planning
Question 7: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 8: I would like to reduce the time display in the HUD.
Dans le fichier config.lua trouvez la variable DURATION_HUD_NOTIFY=60
Note: The default value is 60=60 Seconds.
Question 9: Disable the notification sonor.
In the configuration file find the variable Enable_Notifsound_Event=1
Enable_Notifsound_Event=1 (Notification sonor activated)
Enable_Notifsound_Event=0 (Notification sonor disabled)
Question 10: My server is hosted in another country and there is a new time zones it is possible to regulate it?
In the config file.lua find the variable UTC_GMT=0
Note: UTC/GMT the default value is 0=GMT+0 it can go from -12 to +12
Question 11: I do not know configure the time of my server is there another way?
The answer in the question 10
Problem 12: I've changed the sound of the ringing in the variable Notifsound but it does nothing.
If you have just sent the its on the server why would it work? Don't forget to share the its with players via fastdl or insert your audio file in the workshop content on your server. So that everyone receives the new sound when they join the server.
User: Yes but why it works with the sound that I put?
Nordahl: Because I used an audio file from half-life 2 that everyone has by default.
Question 13: Is it possible to lower the HUD?
Yes everything happens at the level of the code in the file : nordahl_event_planning_cl.lua

HUDPaint() ligne 869

local y=30

30 is equal to the number of pixels relative to the top of the screen, more you increase this number more the HUD will come down.
Question 14: The HUD displays the next event in ... do not display permanently
In the file : nordahl_event_planning_config.lua


Replace 60 by 3600. Therefore the notification will be displayed during all the time of an event and not for a minute.
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