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Tips for using the section Help and Support Gmod

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Report here the problems you encounter on Gmod. We will do our best to guide you.

Here the community can help you and provide you with ideas to solve the problems you will encounter in your project.
Anyone can participate.

💚 How to detail a problem?
  1. The title must be clear, simple and useful
  2. Detail your problem from the beginning
  3. Try to make an effort on spelling so that we can at least understand you.
  4. Review your post before publishing

💔 What not to do?
  1. Avoid poor articles in detail such as: "Need help", or "I have a bug"
  2. Check that your request does not already exist and is not already resolved to avoid duplication on the site

📘 About a script problem you bought here (on originahl-scripts.com)
You can write in this section to check if the problem is not general, but it is better if you open a support ticket to the developer first, by helping the developer solve your problem helps all his customers, you help this developer too and he is the best placed to help you. So don't be afraid to bother us, you're doing everyone a favour. 😊 Do not confuse a request from a private service with a problem.

📘 About scripts that do not work and purchased from another site
Keep in mind that you paid this developer for the product on this other site to have a working product and support. If it doesn't work, it's your responsibility to do what it takes to get the support you deserve there, we understand your frustration but you don't have the right to demand priority assistance here. Check with the creator of the product first, he or she will usually be in a better position to help you, and it is he or she you have paid for this service. If he doesn't want to help you, then leave him the note he deserves (that's also what customer reviews are for) and we'll do our best to help you here according to our provisions but we'll help our customers first. Please keep in mind that we already provide very good quality support for our customers, unlike other platforms, it is our obligation to have coder status here.

You have the right to suggest ideas for a script that has disappeared or is no longer maintained elsewhere in the Suggestion section, we code the products ourselves from scratch, in order to guarantee a 100% healthy basis for the products you will find on Originahl-Scripts.
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