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1. Questions about the ban
2. Questions about the activation
3. Personal Questions
4. Questions about the purchase
5. Miscellaneous Questions

๐Ÿ“Œ 1. Questions about the ban

Q: My server is banned, And?
A: The scripts that I have written will not work on your server.
Q: The ban will be permanent?
A: Yes, there is no time limit. If you are banned, it is that there's a good reason.
Q: How can I un-ban my server?
A: This has never happened and I hope it will continue so the system works properly with serious people who do hack no this that already works. To un-ban it will meet certain conditions.
Q: What are generally the reasons?
-Banned for Chargeback = When you open dispute in Paypal, for no reason, asking for repayment of a script functional, you will be automatically blocked time to resolve the conflict, your Script will be disabled for the same reason.
-Banned for Leak = When a large number of installation is detected. Don't forget that the script is only for you, and for your own use.
-Banned for lack of respect and the rules = When you do not follow the rules of good conduct, there are consequences.

๐Ÿ“Œ 2. Questions about the activation

Q: I have a new server, but not the same IP then I request to transfer the activation?
A: This was the case before, in the 1.0 version of the activation system but today you don't need to ask for it. Go to the interface activation to your shopping list and disable the script on your old server. When all the scripts of this server will be disabled, it will be possible to delete the server from your list.
Q: I don't see the IP of my server to activate it. And when I type the command in the server console (not client console) to see the table it makes me [unknow command]
A. 1: This means that your server cannot contact the mine. Please contact your webhost and ask them to add to its Whitelist the domain name originahl-scripts.com and this ip address:
A. 2: If you have set up your own Firewall, make sure that your server is able to access the Web.
Q: I have a small server, is that the DRM system is going to do lagguer my server?
A: No, the system will have no impact on the proper functioning of your server. The principle is simple: your server will send a simple request only once, you will receive a response and close the connection, and only at startup, it is for this reason that after enabling or disabling a script, you must restart the server.

๐Ÿ“Œ 3. Personal Questions

Q: Why have you done this activation system?
A: For more than a year, I worked on my scripts without worrying about the problem that causes the leak of my work. Today the balance sheet is rather heavy, to such an extent that I wonder if I should stop. I have maintained a level of constant work to constant improvements. I have kept up to date with my work through some debate and some constructive criticism, and I thank the useroz for their feedback interesting and their honest reviews. But this is to spend whole days on the improvement of more than 16 scripts.
I am for the free access to culture, but not at the expense of authors who work. And even less so when some of the profit from this work. And sometimes more than the original author.
I currently have 16 products. On 3434 scripts sold, there has been 42310 facilities.
I am concerned not really, because I had other priorities. I went also to the principle that some useroz are not benevolent, would discover the usefulness of my scripts by testing the versions leakรฉs, as a discovery, preferring to test them before buying, as I understand, I have placed my trust in those, I would do the same for the rest. But this good faith and this awareness do not exist in all the world. Whatever the nature of the work performed, whether palpable or not, rewarding or not, long or short, it is just to obtain a reward. The crazy thing is that some people may say the contrary...

๐Ÿ“Œ 4. Questions about the purchase

Q: I have not received my purchase, what do I do?
A: don't panic.
1. First check the status of your payment on PayPal, it may be that your payment is simply not allowed.
2. Wait a bit before contacting me, it may be that the PayPal servers are simply saturated, do not worry, you will be notified on the website when it will be done.
3. If you consider that it becomes long. Contact me.
Q: is there another mean of payment than Paypal?
A: no, not for the moment.
Q: Where can I find my purchases?
A: When you are logged in to your account and click your profile, select "My Purchases" you would be the list of your purchases.

๐Ÿ“Œ 5. Miscellaneous Questions

Q: My script is blocked for a leak, can I be refunded?
A: No. This question should not even be asked, do not forget that the Leak is a fraud. The Internet is not a place, not right.
Q: Can we expect to see in an abuse of one of your members?
A: No, I'm the only one to have access to different systems, everything was coded by me alone, so no Backdoor possible.
Q: what will happen if one day you stop everything?
A: This is not about to happen. But if that was the case, I would put available the complete scripts with no system activation.
Q: Can I be refunded?
A: Yes, provided that you have not downloaded the script. I can see it when you have downloaded the script and also the latest version and send it to PayPal. Given that the script is a non-tangible, it does to me is not possible to recover it. In addition, all the information is reliable and up-to-date and you can see what my script through the description, the wiki, the video and even test them out if you made the request. There is no surprise with the purchase.