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imgDavid (Nordahl)
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I am David, a computer scientist based in Strasbourg, France.
Since July 2010, I have created a micro company where I take care of computer hardware maintenance.

I work on Zworld-Afterlife since July 2012, at the time the project was called ZMod. Self-taught, I started from nothing. In my experience, I have been able to learn a lot of things that I would make available here. I currently have several online servers which allows me to sharpen my experience. You can judge my work by going to find out for yourself, you just need five seconds to get to one of my servers.

Creation is a passion that I express as much through my scripts as through drawing or music composition.

I obtained the trust of my customers through the sale of my scripts (4164 sales) and technical services rendered. On Gmodstore, I got a reputation of 4.95 / 5 with 299 reviews, which is equivalent to saying that 99% of my clients gave the maximum score. I handled 635 tickets efficiently regardless of the problem and I always brought updates allowing maximum compatibility with my users.

Your suggestions have contributed a lot to this site and I thank you very much for that.
Originahl-Scripts continue to evolve to provide you with consistent and efficient service.
Logo of Originahl-Scripts is an owl whose symbolism represents wisdom, reason and intuition which are dominant characters related to my personality and my way of working.

📌 Why I left Gmodstore :

Many have worried about my banishment on Gmodstore, you should know that I just left Gmodstore of my own free will, before I was banned. On Gmodstore there's a rule that says I can't sell my own scripts anywhere else. But there is no rule that prohibits their staff from leaking my scripts and copying bits of my codes in public, or changing the content of my scripts, clients have complained that my files were empty, one of which had opened a ticket for me, I didn't believe it because it seemed impossible, so he opened a post on the gmodstore forum about it and the staff asked me on this post to justify myself and why I did that? So I checked by downloading my own script and the folder was empty, it was renamed as well : "the end of nordahl", it told me a lot about my future.

In the same way that they wrote for me on their forum using my account, that they modified my profile nickname and description, I did not empty the contents of my files nor rename my files to "the end of nordahl", it would be silly of me, I had better collect the 5 star reviews, not the other way around. I've never caused one problem in 2 years at Gmodstore.
In short, I have been subjected to a lot of discrimination, I have been threatened, insulted, I have been deterred a lot from leaving, which is what I have done anyway, since we must not forget that I was there to work seriously and to meet the needs of my clients, which was no longer possible in this environment.

I can cite one example among many, in the topic "post your art" on their forum, my draws that I took pleasure in sharing were deleted directly in the posts, I was forced to edit my posts to hand over the links of my drawings, and this was considered an abuse on my part, since they wrote to me "keep digging your grave" I did not know the reason for their relentlessness but it was free and not serious, the opposite of what I was looking for.
I was very motivated to make my own site, even without any web skills in the beginning, to leave as soon as possible from Gmodstore, in order to continue to respond to the demands and suggestions of my clients in a healthy environment, far from the discrimination and constant harassment of some members of the staff of Gmodstore and their friends, I made the decision to leave.

I'm not going to make a unban request. I did everything I could to ensure that my customers continued to receive their service without interruption and in the worst atmosphere and that is the most important.

The positive thing about all this is that I am now alone with Originahl-Scripts.com high performance, fast, optimized and my scripts updated, it's a little more difficult to live on, but by working on this project, I was able to acquire extremely important skills in web development and which also enabled me to improve several of my projects, including Zworld-Afterlife.

🏹 My interests :

I love to draw, play the guitar, the piano... I like to watch documentaries, films (the Marvels). I read comic books and I play video games (Zelda, Final F...). I also like to discover the world through my travels and photography allows me to immortalize these moments. I like to cook (and eat!), my friends know that I am easily amadouable with chocolate & coffee. I am interested in various topics such as survivalism, science fiction and medieval times.
Finally I practice various sports activities such as mountain biking, archery, jogging and hiking(filling my belly with mushroom-like). Of course, programming, electronics, astronomy and the most unusual methods of producing electric energy are also part of my passions.

🎯 List of content I created on Gmod :

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