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🔨 Changelog

Changelog of Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor

All updates to the "Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor" addon listed here.

Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor

📅 Version 2.2 Released 1663837779 ago

🧱 Improved :
+Add new style (Light Style)
+Automation of the backup system.
+Purified interface.
+Optimisation of the backup system of Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor.
+Code optimization, size reduction.
+Merge the contents of the HUD button and STYLE allowing the Style button to be removed.
+Gmod Steam Workshop [Content ONLY] updated.
-Removal of buttons and the action of saving at each modification.
+The system automatically saves itself after during modifications.

Improvement of DColorMixer of Garry's Mod. Which allows you to copy and paste the complete RGBA code and insert it in other DColorMixer to better respect the graphic charter of your game on your server. And also to work faster.

⚠️ Don't forget to click on the new blue Reset Setting button that appears at the top right of the administration panel. To delete the old style save to load the new updated variables. 🔃
📅 Version 2.1 Released 1655254989 ago

✔️ Patched :
Fixed the Lua error when the character system is installed and the player dies in the server title screen.
📅 Version 2.0 Released 1653861111 ago

🧱 Improved :
Database SQL Optimisation
📅 Version 1.9 Released 1653568724 ago

🚀 Added :
Add: Gmod NEON HUD Style Added
Add: Gmod STARWARS HUD Style Added
📅 Version 1.8 Released 1653336202 ago

🧱 Improved :
Icon updates and optimizations
📅 Version 1.7 Released 1652625245 ago

🧱 Enhanced:
High optimisation (CPU serverside)

🚀 Added :
Compatibility Gmod Character System
📅 Version 1.6 Released 1645185737 ago

🧱 Improved :
Aesthetic improvement.
Reduction of the size of the code on the client side.
Server side optimization.

✔️ Patched :
Corrected a possible Lua error
📅 Version 1.5 Released 1644834488 ago

🧱 Improved :
Max armor and max life can be improved according to the user's level on your Garry's Mod server.
I explain how it work in the question 25 in the wiki about : Gmod Health Modules + HUD Editor
📅 Version 1.4 Released 1643892535 ago

🧱 Improved :
Some optimisations serverside
📅 Version 1.3 Released 1642544057 ago

🚀 Added :
Add Spawnmenu
Add Examples of Healthkit and armorkit
Add Healthkits in the spawnmenu
Add Armorkits
Add Spawnmenu for upgrade items in the panel
Add shortcut to switch the panel with other HUD collection
📅 Version 1.2 Released 1642019680 ago

🧱 Improved :
Improved resource distribution.
📅 Version 1.1 Released 1641781114 ago

🧱 Improved :
Optimization of the weight of the icons. Publication of resources on the workshop for those who don't have FastDL.
📅 Version 1.0 Released 1641086701 ago

Initial version
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