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Gmod Advanced Chat Multi-channel Customizable

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Norda Creator

Wiki updated. 14. Is there a way for advanced chat to use the enter key to submit instead of pressing send?

In the configuration file go to the line: Make your choice if necessary.

----- CHat Multiline Option -----
-- 0 = Only and press Enter to Send
-- 1 = Multiline and clic on a button to Send
cfg.Chat_Multiline = 1
Commented: 1665143555 ago
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Norda Creator

Hi yes this features is a choice you can made from the configuration file.
I will update the wiki page of this gmod addon to add your question with the solution. :) And thank you for your trust.
Commented: 1664713505 ago
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klanky Buyer

Does anyone know of a way where you press enter to summit instead of clicking on send ?
Commented: 1664705755 ago
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