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🔨 Changelog

Changelog of Gmod Advanced Chat Multi-channel Customizable

All updates to the "Gmod Advanced Chat Multi-channel Customizable" addon listed here.

📅 Version 2.4 Released 1708474144 ago

🧱 Improved
Major aesthetic improvement

🚀 Added
Compatibility with my next Advanced Rank system (The rank crests will be displayed next to the nickname in the chat.)
Added the ability to disable unwanted chat types to unload the list of buttons on the left. (See line 20 in the wiki)
Added the ability to have only the icons on the buttons and not the text. (See line 21 in the wiki)
Added when you use the chat command /roll or /dice, a dice icon appears in the chat window. This differentiates between handwritten messages and the real role-playing dice system.

✔️ Patch Lua Error
[nordahl_chat_system] .../cl_norchat.lua:1220: attempt to call method 'Update' (a nil value)

⚡ Optimization
Optimization of source code size and reduction of workshop materials.
📅 Version 2.3 Released 1693145433 ago

🚀 Added:
You can now position your server's chat on the interface. Wherever you want.
You can round off the corners from the interface.

🧱 Improved:
The Chat is Now responsive: Size and position customization is no longer in pixels, but as a percentage of resolution.
The security system has been optimized.
Text no longer leaves the frame. Text is expanded to several lines when too long.

🚮 Removed:
Configuration variable deleted in configuration file: cfg.chat_minimal_wide and cfg.chat_minimal_tall
📅 Version 2.2 Released 1674490303 ago

🚀 Added :
Show the color of the rows that you have configured in the messages.

cfg.notification_color_rank = 0 --Enable the color rank in notification on the HUD

Add in the config file the variable: cfg.notification_color_rank. 1 = Enable row color in HUD notifications 0= OFF
📅 Version 2.1 Released 1673961957 ago

🧱 Improved :
When you type roleplay or chat commands and you are in multiline mode. The chat becomes single line to avoid line breaks. Client-side solution that will not impact server-side performance. This solution avoids detecting line breaks on the server side. And it's pretty.

When you are writing a command you switch to single line mode which has the effect of allowing you to press enter to send. Visually it also indicates that your server has roleplay commands without the need to try.

Roleplay indicator when using RP command chats such as /me /do /think
📅 Version 2.0 Released 1673876475 ago

🚀 Add :
By default the display time of new messages on the HUD was 10 seconds. I added a variable in the configuration file that allows you to set the delay yourself. It was requested. (Wiki updated about this new feature.)

Add variable Msg_HUDraw_Delay in the config file:
cfg.Msg_HUDraw_Delay=10 //10 = The users have 10 seconds toread the messages in the HUD.

🧱 Improved :
This script has roleplay commands already included. They have just been improved. A color code makes it easy to differentiate them in the chat.
Improved Gmod Roleplay control system: /me /think /do /dice /roll /rand

/rand is an alias of /roll.
📅 Version 1.9 Released 1667388984 ago

🚀 Added :
Added Customisable Sound System for Multi Channel Chat system.

Variable added in config file:

cfg.s_receive_chat1 = "friends/message.wav"		// Sound Chat for messagere receive in Global chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat2 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound Zone for messagere receive in Zone chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat3 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound Whipser for messagere receive in Whisper chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat4 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound Team for messagere receive in Team chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat5 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound Private for messagere receive in Private chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat6 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound Staff for messagere receive in Staff chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat7 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound VIP for messagere receive in VIP chat Channel
cfg.s_receive_chat7 = "friends/message.wav" // Sound System for messagere receive in System chat Channel

cfg.s_chat_categorie ="common/talk.wav" // Sound when the user click on the button to change the channel

cfg.s_chat_open = "ambient/machines/keyboard5_clicks.wav" // Sound when chat is opened
cfg.s_chat_close = "ambient/machines/keyboard4_clicks.wav" // Sound when chat is closed
cfg.s_press = "ambient/machines/keyboard2_clicks.wav" // Sound when we click on buttons in the chat panel

🚮 Removed :
Removed the variable : cfg.sound from the config file
📅 Version 1.8 Released 1655564375 ago

🚀 Added :
Add the config file : cfg.Chat_Multiline Allows you to write messages on multiple lines and send.
// 0 = Only and press Enter to Send
// 1 = Multiline and clic on a button to Send

Add the config file : cfg.rank_msg_color Allows you to show the color of rank in chat.

Add the config file : cfg.show_rank_in_chat Allows you to show the rank of user in chat.
superadmin="Super Admin",
📅 Version 1.7 Released 1646150867 ago

🚀 Added :
Added in the config file:
cfg.Draw_Icon_Chat = 1 // Show the icon over the head when a user write. 0 = OFF
cfg.Icon_on_Head // Custom the icon when a user begin to write
cfg.chat_minimal_wide = 850 // Minimal Wide of the chat that you can set.
cfg.chat_minimal_tall = 400 // Minimal Tall of the chat that you can set.

✔️ Patched :
Fixed a Lua Error when a message is send before the load of the script.
📅 Version 1.6 Released 1646040593 ago

✔️ Patched :
Patched when you use the variable : cfg.The_Dead_dont_speak = 0

1 = The user dead cant write in the chat.
0 = The user can write in the chat when died
📅 Version 1.5 Released 1645612609 ago

🧱 Improved :
Wrap the text in the chat box.
📅 Version 1.4 Released 1645546107 ago

Question 11 12 and 13 added in the wiki about this new features

🚀 Added :
Options to choose the number of messages that are displayed in the notifier (HUD).
Options to move the notifier up and down and from left to right (HUD).
Options to edit the length of the notification area on the HUD for received chat messages.
Wrap System for the notifier : To put on several lines the long messages (HUD).

🧱 Improved :
Administer from the chat by clicking on the user's message if Nor Admin Mod System for Gmod is installed

✔️ Patched :
Fixed the Lua error when clicking on a message sent by the system. (Because it has no steamid64 to copy)
📅 Version 1.3 Released 1639134555 ago

🚀 Added :
Added variable Enable_Chat_Command in the config file To allow the use or not of chat commands from the chat.

cfg.Enable_Chat_Command = 1

1: To activate
0: To Disable

🧱 Improved :
Optimization of the configuration file size.
📅 Version 1.2 Released 1632221178 ago

🚀 Added :
Added variable in the config file to reduce the minimum size of the Gmod Chat:


*Question 10 added in the wiki about it
📅 Version 1.1 Released 1632220672 ago

✔️ Patched :
Fixed small translation error.
📅 Version 1.0 Released 1631929266 ago

Initial version
Gmod Addon

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