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NPCs Spawn Point Creator

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Norda avatar
Norda Creator

Ok I meditate on it. Thank you.
Commented: 1641850718 ago
pitRazvi avatar
pitRazvi Buyer

Hi, I just got the addon, and seems very cool. But I have a couple of observations :
1) The health doesn't seem to remain. It works on the first spawn, but on the second spawn, they become very weak.
2) Please add weapon proficiency settings and a damage multiplier
These 2 things are essential for playing with custom weapons like the ones from TFA which have very high damage and you need 200+ health for almost all of them. But also without a damage multiplier, their weapons are too weak in comparison
Commented: 1641747557 ago
Norda avatar
Norda Creator

I don't know Helix. If the items are entities yes. I have not yet had any feedback on an incompatibility.
Commented: 1632399611 ago
LaPUTAdeOROS777 avatar
LaPUTAdeOROS777 ๐ŸŽ Buyer

okay thanks.
i have other question.
NPCs looting system its compatible with helix item?
Commented: 1632396128 ago
Norda avatar
Norda Creator

Hi in the corner of the menu you can enable or disable the persistence of each point.

All my addons is compatible betwen them.
Commented: 1632331482 ago
LaPUTAdeOROS777 avatar
LaPUTAdeOROS777 ๐ŸŽ Buyer

Hi, i have a cuestión.

This addon its compatible with the other addons like NPCs loot system?
And can i permaprop NPCS SPAWN POINT?
Commented: 1632320938 ago
Norda avatar
Norda Creator

Yes if course.
Commented: 1629061615 ago
MilkyWay avatar
MilkyWay ๐ŸŽ Buyer

never mind
Commented: 1629059777 ago
MilkyWay avatar
MilkyWay ๐ŸŽ Buyer

Would this work in any gamemode?
Commented: 1629059709 ago
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