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Gmod Vehicle Trafficking NPC

This script implements a new npc that is adds to players the ability to resell stolen cars in the game Garry's Mod. This adds another activity for the thiefs & the cops. Give your thiefs the opportunity to make their tracks disappear !


CMH Vehicle Trafficking NPC is a new **simple Vehicle Resell script, where you can resell stolen vehicles. Give to thiefs the opportunity to make money faster & make their tracks disappear & give at cops a chance to chassing thiefs.


1.    ­­ Unlimited addition possibilities.
2.     Some configurable features:
3.     NPC colors (name , box or lines).
4.     Cars resell price.
5.     Supports all cars.
6.     Supports all Newest DarkRP version(s).


1.     Resaleable vehicles.
2.     Resale price of vehicles.
3.     Name and Model of the NPC


1.     Download files, containing *«cmh_vtn» .
2.     Drop folder into your addons folder.
3.     Configure the script.


1.    ­ Configuration files : cmh_vtn/lua/cmh_vtn_config.lua


1.    ­ Where can I find help?
2.    ­ You can get help by reading the FAQ in the wiki section or creating a support ticket.


1.    ­ Since version 1.0 (APRIL 2020) : Initial Version.


If you find any problems with the script, please create a support ticket.

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Gmod Vehicle Trafficking NPC 1.0

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