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Changelog 1.2

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Cmh's Vending Machine

This script implements a new vending machine that is adds to players the ability to purchase weapons without licenses. This adds another activity for the illegal machine technician's & the cops. Give your players the opportunity to hold up the machine, resell their weapons and much more !


<<CMH's vm>> is a new vending machine script, where you can buy illegals weapons without a license , rob the contents of the machine & work as a technician. There are some features for role-play like (police will receive an message each time anyone will bought or sell on the machine). Give the machine technician the opportunity to make money! Because the machine has a chance of breaking every time it is used, to repair it you will have to call the technician.


✔️Add a Limitless Number of Weapons to The Machine.
✔️Custom models & Sound.
✔️Screwdriver, Screwdriver Box.
✔️Weapon Case.
✔️One Sound.
✔️1 Job.
✔️Fully customizable (Robbery Loot, time).
✔️Machine breakdown & robbery system.
✔️Supports entities and weapons.
✔️Notify police when someone has bought stuff.
✔️Supports at Newest DarkRP version(s).


Download files, containing *«cmh_vm» .

Drop folder into your addons folder.
Add the contents to your workshop collection :
Configure the script.


Configuration files :cmh_vmluacmh_vm_config.lua


Where can I find help?

You can get help by reading the FAQ in the wiki section or creating a support ticket.


Since version 1.1 : Weapon & Ammo List in the same panel.


If you find any problems with the script, please create a support ticket.

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Cmh's Vending Machine 1.2

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