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Scripts Command Center 1.0

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📅 Published :8 months
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🍄 Version :version 1.0
🛡 DRM :Free DRM
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NordaHL (Zworld-dev)

steamid64 : 76561198033784269

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Version 1.0

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🚀 Description

📌 Important facts:

+Enjoy creating your own consoles shortcuts and using them more easily
+This is not uniquely dedicated to my scripts, it's possible for you to customize the panel from the interface without writing a single line of code.
+Programming skills not required to use this script.
+This script will change the way you manage your servers.
+Automated saves
+Free DRM
+Console no longer needed with this script
+You can now forget those console/chat commands.
+Compatible with all scripts needing a command to open their menu.

🚀 Description:

    Forget those console commands and those chat commands, don't go search for them on websites anymore, damage your mouse wheel when you're searching through documents because you forgot your commands no longer, and don't open your panels by typing commands in the chat or the console anymore. This script truly goes in the indispensable category.
    Imagine opening any menu from a simple panel, itself openable by one single command, either "nord_cmd" or F2(by default) or F3. Imagine launching management interactions not with a command, but by clicking simple buttons in the interface.
    Well this script allows you to do just that and very easily so, with it, you can create groups of buttons, name them, add their descriptions and add variables. Those buttons allow you to launch commands from a menu that you can customize. The script is usable as much on client-side as on server-side. The client will, for example, be able to open an inventory without having to type a single command in the chat or in the console.
    In short, this script will upgrade the comfort of your gameplay as much as it will upgrade the comfort of managing your server.

📌 The 3 different methods to open the panel:

  1. Press the key F1;F2;F3 or F4 to open/close the panel : Choice in the configuration file of the script
  2. Command in the console to open the panel: nord_cmd
  3. Command in the chat to open the panel: !n_cmd

👑 Admin:

  1. Access all of your mechanisms of administration by clicking on simple buttons, compatibility with commands with variables insured, the administrator will be able to do his work efficiently.
  2. As administrator, you can stop wasting time searching for your script commands on websites. Insert them once then open a panel and click on the button to, for example, open a menu without opening your console.
  3. It is possible to copy the commands from the menu to paste it wherever you want with a CTRL+V.

🎮 Gamemodes:

  1. You have a gamemode where you have too many commands to memorize? Releave yourself and your users from that burden with this script.

💾 Persistence & Saving:

  1. Everything that you add or delete is saved in real time in a system independent of all other systems to guarantee an optimal performance.
  2. The category visited last before closing will be open at the next opening.
  3. Location of the save file : garrysmod/data/nordahlclient_option/nordahl_script_command_center.txt

📌 Configuration:

    The only thing manually configurable is your choice of key to open the panel if you want to use zero commands on your server.


  1. Functions with client-side and server-side commands.
  2. Functions with the chat commands of all of the scripts.
  3. Ability to add customizable variables in your “commands” buttons.
  4. Select your storage file and share your settings with your administrators or users.
  • ⚠️ About Leak

⚠️ Never share your server access codes when a developer asks you for help. It's, most of the time, only to see your addons and steal or leak them to harm their competitors, because they have no respect for poeple other than themselves. A good dev who knows what he's selling he doesn't need your FTP access. I will never ask you for your access codes or any passwords, I have no need for them.

-About me, I am attentive, responsive and serious, maybe too much for some platform. I have projects, a family and a simple life. I create everything myself and work allows me to live, my scripts are the result of research and contact with my clients. Ideas are not stolen for money, my scripts are mostly the first in their style each time. I have a lot of respect for creative coders.

Believe my serious buyers who are also the ones who contribute to improvements and translations.

-To Leak the author's job is to destroy their work and prevent their scripts from becoming even better.Thanks do not bring food on the table.

-By using the leaked scripts on the other sites you are exposed to the malware, virus, backdoor, you have an outdated version not optimized and not fixed to the updates of Garry's mod, I always update my scripts. Keep in mind when something is free it is that it is you the product.

-The majority of people who leak other people's script have a need for recognition and power. Don't give them the recognition they need.

-The use of the leaked versions of my scripts for the business context is strongly discouraged.

-Do not duplicate.

-⚠️ No Refund when it's downloaded, read the rule about it. The scripts I put here are used on my 13 servers before and tested. Maybe somewhere else you don't, but here I believe in your seriousness.