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ico Wiki of Music Areas Systems v1.3

Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 11 months
Last update : 6 months

🛡 This script requires a simple activation.

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Question 1: How to enable/disable persistence?
In the panel of the entitie:
Question 2: How to set the language?
Click on the key in the panel, this changes the language for all my scripts.
Question 3: What are the different modules?
By default the system is disabled,
Mode 1: The system uses the sounds that you have put for example in the form of mp3 files on the server, don't forget to share the music with the customers, so place them in your fastdl or your workshop content.
Mode 2: The system uses the sounds that you have found on Youtube.
Question 4: How to rename a zone?
Enter the name in the edit box and press -enter-, and it will be displayed when you go into the area.
Question 5: How do I know that it works?
When you enter the area, you are warned.
Question 6: How to add a audio file?
Scan of the audio file, click on the sound and press the space key
Question 7: How to add music to youtube?
Copy the link of the video and press -enter-
Question 8: How to place the cubes?
Place the two points in each corner of the room.
Question 9: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 10: I don't have a system of administration, it is possible to have the rights anyway?
Go to the file lua\entities\nordahl_zone_music\config.lua to the line OwnerSteamID="STEAM_0:0:00000000000000" and replace it with your steamid, and restart your server.
Question 11: Play the sound in a loop since the version 1.2 (fav 2018)
From the menu you can choose the length of a loop, (0=Off, the sound is played only one time)