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Loot Spawn Point Editor 2.4

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📖 Version 2.4

Question 1: Where find it in my game?
If your addon is correctly installed you find it here
Question 2: How set the number of loot per spawn?

Question 3: When I reboot the loot spawn is removed how enable the persistence?
Turn On the persistence boutton
Question 4: I want add difficulty on my server, I can set the luck of spawn of each spawn point?
Yes, by default the ratio(chance) is 100%. You can adjust it.
Question 5: Can I set the timer betwen each spaw?
Clic on the button -Spawn Timer-
Question 6: I forgot where I place each point, they are a way to see all?
Yes, Clic on the button -AdminEyes- you will see all loot point on the map.
Question 7: Where find the config file?
You can find it in the folder lua/entities/ent_spawn_point/config.lua dont forgot to reboot when you edit it. It's better for some OS.
Problem 8: I have a ERROR model red in place of my npcs
Place your models in the right place on your server and make sure that you have your templates installed.
Problem 9: The path to the model of the npcs is not the same as the one on my server
The model is not in the right place, the path that you see in the panel is the original, so it provides an index of what you have to do. Never edit the files of the models to reconfigure the model
Question 10: I would like the player to force the spawn by pressing "USE"(E) and disable the automatic loot spawn
Depuis l'interface de gestion du point de loot selectionnez le mode 1, l'effet est immédiat, n'oubliez pas de le sauvegarder
Question 11: What is the difference between mode 0 and mode 1?
When the script was created it would automatically spawn the loots on the ground, so by default it is mode 0. Since version 1.9 of the script it is possible that the loot is triggered by the player when he presses (E)
Question 12: I would like to disable the message when the player generates the loot by pressing)
Set the variable to 0 in the config file.lua, go to line 59 : generate_loot_chat_message=0
Problem 13: Help! When the loot is no longer automatic(mode1) I can no longer configure the root point since it's the same (E) button to loot and access
A command exists for this, in your console : "nordahl_lootspawn_edit 1" to force the editing of points, only the admins will be able to edit the loot point, the other players will be able to continue their game without seeing any difference
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