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ico Wiki : Loot Spawn Point Editor v1.8

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Question 1: Where find it in my game?
If your addon is correctly installed you find it here
Question 2: How set the number of loot per spawn?

Question 3: When I reboot the loot spawn is removed how enable the persistence?
Turn On the persistence boutton
Question 4: I want add difficulty on my server, I can set the luck of spawn of each spawn point?
Yes, by default the ratio(chance) is 100%. You can adjust it.
Question 5: Can I set the timer betwen each spaw?
Clic on the button 'Spawn Timer'
Question 6: I forgot where I place each point, they are a way to see all?
Yes, Clic on the button 'AdminEyes' you will see all loot point on the map.
Question 7: Where find the config file?
You can find it in the folder lua/entities/ent_spawn_point/config.lua dont forgot to reboot when you edit it. It's better for some OS.