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Question 1: What is the difference between The S.A.C.S Optimizer & the Boot Optimizer?
If you ask me this question is that you have not read the description. This script joins two systems essential to save important resources. The S.A.C.S : Allows you to clean the entities, forgotten and abandoned on the map, it does not work randomly, it is you who choose it type of entity it will delete it from the map. And the time of the clean-up events.
The Boot Optimizer:
Case number 1=For example, at each reboot on a map you have the habit of going to delete entities by this that it causes you problems, or is too heavy for the map, forget it insert the entity in the list of Boot-Optimizer and reboot the server. This entities will no longer be there at the next reboot.
Case numéro 2=You are aware that it is on the map right from the beginning she is already overloaded with entities visible and invisible, and Sometimes they reach more than 1000 entities of which most are not necessary for you, this tool helps reduce the number of features to 300 features. This makes a lot of economy of resources.
Case numéro 3=You can't remove entities from the map with the tools conventional, Garry's Mod, you can with this script.
Problème 2: I put everything in the list, and yet nothing works, even when I reboot.
It is normal, by default the two systems are OFF, you just need to activate them.
Question 3: What is the Admin-Eyes?
The admin-Eyes as the name indicates it can only be activated by the administrator only, it is a system that allows you to see all the entities on the map, and you can also see invisible entities, props, vehicles.
Question 4: How activate the Admin-Eyes?
From the tab Tools, you will have the possibility to see the position of the players on the map, the npcs and see the path of the models used.
Question 5: If I delete the files all back to default?
Yes. But don't forget that you can reset all with a simple press of the reset button in the panel
Question 6: About the configuration of the Physical Environment (P. E. M) what settings do you recommend for performance?
Mine is set to 1/4 of the default value. I adapt the P. E. M depending on my needs because I don't use too much the speed of movement of the entities. For example, if your game mode does not need the movements of the entities set everything to the minimum. Don't forget my needs are not necessarily the same as yours.
Question 7: How to add objects in the list of one of the systems?
The method is the same For the S. A. C. S and the Boot Cleaner. Place you next to the entity, sort by order of distance to the list, right click on it and you have to choose.
Question 8: I don't know if I've already added the feature in the list, there is a way of knowing?
Yes, you have a search tab, enter the name of the entity and check. Note that a security makes it impossible to add the same class feature twice.
Question 9: I would like to delete a single entity and not all entities of the same class, is it possible?
Yes, it is for this reason that this second choice exists, do not confuse.
Question 10: Where to find the configuration file?
nordahl_sacs_system\lua\autorun\ nordahl_sacs_system_config.lua
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