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📖 Version 3.9

Question 1: Where to find the entity Player_spawn_point?
In the spawnmenu, Category / Entities / Nordahl Scripts
Question 2: When I reboot my server the spawn points disappear?
Don't forget to enable persistence by clicking on the button dedicated to this.
Question 3: I would like to add the spawn points for the jobs.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 4: I would like to add the spawn points special for the donors and the ranks ulx.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 5: I would like to add the spawn points for the groups.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 6: Is it possible to put more than one job in a single spawn? Instead of putting a spawn by the job.
Yes since the last version, this is possible.
Question 7: I would like to place a spawn Global for the jobs that I have not configured it is possible?
Yes place your spawn and rename "Global" with a big "G". You can put several.
Question 8: Why colorize the spawns?
This enables you to structure a real organization, in the management and distribution of spawns, when you enable the admin-eyes you can see the location of each point, the name of the point of spawns and the color.
Question 9: How enable the admin-eyes?
Since the menu:
Question 10: How I see that it is enabled?
You should see each of the spawn points that you have placed.
Problème 11: When I enter the name of the spawn it does not save.
Yes don't forget to press the touch -enter- to validate.
Question 12: What becomes the spawn points by default of the map?
They are disabled when my system is activated.
Question 13: Players spawn with weapons is normal?
Configure your DarkRP. My Script has no relation with the weapons.
Question 14: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 15: I would like for entities to spawn invisible by defaut it's possible?
Yes, This is not a problem, go into the config file and find the variable entvisible=1
1 by default, 0= The model 3D is automatically invisible when the entity is spawned.
Question 16: I have 300 jobs on my server. How to add job groups by category name to not put them all one by one?
When you open the menu, click on "Job Category" and insert the categories you are interested in, the effect is immediate.
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