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ico Wiki : Player Spawn Point Editor v3.8

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Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 2 years
Update : 4 months

ico This script requires a simple activation.

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Question 1: Where to find the entity Player_spawn_point?
In the spawnmenu, Category / Entities / Nordahl Scripts
Question 2: When I reboot my server the spawn points disappear?
Don't forget to enable persistence by clicking on the button dedicated to this.
Question 3: I would like to add the spawn points for the jobs.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 4: I would like to add the spawn points special for the donors and the ranks ulx.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 5: I would like to add the spawn points for the groups.
In the menu of the spawn table on the right:
Question 6: Is it possible to put more than one job in a single spawn? Instead of putting a spawn by the job.
Yes since the last version, this is possible.
Question 7: I would like to place a spawn Global for the jobs that I have not configured it is possible?
Yes place your spawn and rename 'Global' with a big 'G'. You can put several.
Question 8: Why colorize the spawns?
This enables you to structure a real organization, in the management and distribution of spawns, when you enable the admin-eyes you can see the location of each point, the name of the point of spawns and the color.
Question 9: How enable the admin-eyes?
Since the menu:
Question 10: How I see that it is enabled?
You should see each of the spawn points that you have placed.
Problème 11: When I enter the name of the spawn it does not save.
Yes don't forget to press the touch 'Enter' to validate.
Question 12: What becomes the spawn points by default of the map?
They are disabled when my system is activated.
Question 13: Players spawn with weapons is normal?
Configure your DarkRP. My Script has no relation with the weapons.
Question 14: Where to find the configuration File?
Question 15: I would like for entities to spawn invisible by defaut it's possible?
Yes, This is not a problem, go into the config file and find the variable entvisible=1
1 by default, 0= The model 3D is automatically invisible when the entity is spawned.