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ico Wiki : To Do List Manager v2.8

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Author: Nordahl Script
Published: 2 years
Update : 7 months

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Question 1: How does it work?
This is a small script that allows you to share with all the players connected to the server, and also in your absence the progress of your work, which all adminsitrateurs can write in real-time, information important to communicate with the players and other members of the staff, this can avoid to receive constantly the same error report. You can obviously use it for something else, since it is possible to rename the tabs.
Question 2: Where to find the configuration File?
nordahl_todolist_management\lua\autorun\ nordahl_todolist_config.lua
Question 3: How to rename the 4 tabs?
In the configuration file, find the 4 lines, and rename the:

NMBT1='To do list' --Name of Button 1
NMBT2='Memo' --Name of Button 2
NMBT3='Error Know' --Name of Button 3
NMBT4='Idea Box' --Name of Button 4
Question 4: I would like to change the position of the panel it is possible?
Yes, in the config file find the line 'PanelPos' and change the number which suits you.

PanelPos=4 --4 by default
0 = Down_Left
1 = MIDLE_Left
2 = UP_Left
3 = UP_Midle
4 = UP_Right (Default)
5 = MIDLE_Right
6 = Down_Right
7 = Down_Midle